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Iceland Luxurious Destination |The Blue Lagoon

Iceland luxurious destination

When we think about a holiday destination most of us choose warm, cozy places around the world, exotic, luxurious where you can lay under the summer sun and bake all day long. But why not go different, go north? Iceland has become a truly luxurious attraction over the past few years, exotic in its own way and one of a kind. One of Iceland’s top attractions, world renowned, the Blue Lagoon is a natural hot spring of geothermal seawater that is probably not only incredibly relaxing, but its really good for your skin too. The lagoon is situated in a lava field, and the water temperature ranges from 98-102 °F! It sounds and looks heavenly, a truly luxurious retreat from our daily life.

Iceland luxurious destination

The Blue Lagoon represents healing power, wellness and beauty, and is founded on a unique source of geothermal seawater that originates in Iceland’s extreme but beautiful environment. This must-see attraction is famous for the healing qualities of its silica mud and mineral-rich geothermal waters, which glow a radiant blue in stark contrast to the moon-like lava formations surrounding the area. A visit to the spa promotes harmony between mind, body and spirit, and enables one to soak away the stress of modern life.

Iceland luxurious destination

The Blue Lagoon also operates a Research and Development facility to help find cures for other skin ailments using the mineral-rich water. The spa’s guests empower their relationship with nature, soak up the scenic beauty and enjoy breathing the clean, fresh air. Every year the site attracts more than 400,000 visitors for its legendary beautifying properties, and Condé Naste Traveller voted Blue Lagoon one of the Top 10 best medical spas in the world. The water itself has a shade of milky blue-green and is rich in minerals, silica and algae, all of which have been proven to help treat skin disorders like psoriasis. The lagoon holds six million litres of geothermally-heated seawater which is renewed every 40 years, and holds steady at a temperature between 37-39 °C. . All this is set against the stark, lonely backdrop of Iceland’s impressive volcanic landscape. Due to the size of the resort, it is easy to find your own private spot to get that weightless sensation as you float in the water.The Lava Restaurant is a new restaurant built into the lava surroundings. The roof of the restaurant is a viewing platform with beautiful view of the lagoon and the surrounding area. A natural lava wall within the restaurant adds to its uniqueness. The geothermal spa’s updated facilities include changing rooms, an indoor swimming area and a conference area.

Iceland luxurious destinationIceland luxurious destination

The Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel is located within a five minute walking distance from Blue Lagoon. The Clinic Hotel features 15 modernly designed, bright and spacious twin rooms. All rooms have a private bathroom with a shower and a veranda overlooking moss covered lava fields and an untouched natural landscape.

Quite the holiday destination, don’t you think? Have you ever been to The Blue Lagoon? We invite you to share your experience in the comment section below.

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