Bourgeois/Lechasseur Architects are the artists behind a modern home sheltered by North Hatley in Quebec, Canada. KL House is entitled, it uses cedar inside out, a common architectural practice in North Hatley as the home as supposedly inspired by the East Coast homes by the ocean, a tin roof and natural cedar shingles siding defines the style.

The natural weathered look ought to integrate the home into the forest`s chromatic and highlight its strong silhouette.

The forest surrounding the home was the architects` inspiration; the exceptional site includes a stream, dense foliage and woodlands animals. The first floor features floor-to-ceiling windows to provide expansive views towards the heavenly greenery. In the first floor the kitchen represents the center, locally pined by a large slab island; on one side the kitchen opens towards the living room and on the other towards a wood dining set.

The home nestles a warm space with a natural base anchored by light wood floors throughout the home, light also enhances the airy setting with a positive vibe; in the living room built-in open shelves and a black fireplace create the perfect setting for entertaining.

Up-stairs a cedar planked ceiling creates a very powerful focal point; sculptural pendant lighting installations also contribute beautifully to this minimalist space bathed in light.

The master bedroom too shelters cedar wood and a stand-alone rectangular bathtub, sculptural element here sustained by a walk-in shower.

Proportions have been carefully chosen for each window shaping a beautifully balanced volume.

Wood, black and grays tailored with wood are timeless options in interior design, here beautifully embraced.

A space defined by light offering a highly positive ambiance.

How do you see the KL House and what do you think of the shingle on the main volume? We would love to hear from in the comment section below.

Photo Courtesy to Adrien Williams






Anton Giuroiu