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Knitted Christmas Decorations That Will Inspire You


Knitting Christmas woolen socks  on a winter day next to the fire place, what could be nicer? Well even if you don’t have a fireplace , and can’t knit well , knitted Christmas decorations can really turn the room into a nice cozy place. You don’t really need to know to knit , sure it helps if you do know how to , but then again there is a lot of variety in the models and wool used on Xmas socks , blankets and other household or clothing items already available in stores, or you can use some of your own old woolen clothes and create a wide variety of candle wrappers , globes , bell wrappers , and any other Christmas decorations.  The idea is you can reconvert anything made out of wool and with an interesting model on it , some sewing may be required , but only basic stuff . But you will find a wide variety ready made for you to use , they may not cover all the fields of Christmas decoration types , so some conversion may be required . As long as some Xmas theme is present they can go anywhere , can be hung from the Christmas tree as globes or various ornaments , or in the traditional role of Christmas Stockings by the fireplace .

Decorations wraped in wool work fine and well but you can be even more creative , you can wrap coffee mugs or use jars to make some nice cozy lamps. Wool has a great texture and in conjuncture with some seasonal patterns you can make some beautiful objects that will give a warm Christmas feeling to that corner of the room where they will be placed . Keep in mind the wide variety of colors models and themes which go with the seasonal holidays , thus you can make use a of stars , bells , sleds , stockings , and all not just in red or white , because wool by itself implies warmth , winter and coziness so you can still combine it with other colors less characteristically to winter’s holidays and still fit in the season. So pack up on wool stocking and old sweaters , and get ready for some cute and cozy decorations !

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Andrei Vasiliu

Andrei Vasiliu

Andrei is master of sketches, models and dioramas here at Homesthetics, a skill-set that greatly emphasize his architecture background. He is responsible for curating and approving all content that ranges from pencils and airbrush kits as he tests them thoroughly in his artistic pursuits.

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