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Last Call for Entries -A’ Design Awards & Competition

Last Call for Entries A' Design Awards & Competition

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Entries to the world’s most significant international design competition, the A’Design Award, are going to close on the 28th of February. The awards are organized as a means of showcasing top-notch designers from all disciplines across the globe.

Peer-reviewed and anonymously judged, the A’Awards are decided by an eminent jury panel comprising of seasoned scholars, notable press members, and professionals with substantial experience. The winners of the award receive international recognition, publicity, and prestige through the coveted A’Design prize system.

Among other things, the award winners are presented with a professionally framed international design excellence certificate, an invitation to the exclusive gala-night in Italy, exhibitions both online and at an Italian gallery and an award winners’ trophy.

Winners are also featured in the award’s hardcover annual, receive international press campaign and an award winner’s design mark. They are also given publicity through Design Award Press Partners, included in the World Design Rankings, and provided access to other marketing and PR tools. Furthermore, after the announcement of the final winners on April 15th, the select few will also be featured on Homesthetics.

Open 45 Credenza

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Every year, projects focusing on Art, Design, Innovation and Creativity from across the world are facilitated with the A’Design Award. The awards have over a hundred prize categories including Industrial Design, Architectural Design, Communication Design and more. For the complete list of award categories, click here.

February 28th is the deadline for submission of entries, and results are to be announced on the 15th of April. Designers from every design category are invited to enter their work here.

Some of the award-winning works from previous years are listed below.

A’ Design Awards Winners

  Koron Sofa

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Goccia Container

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Portuguese Roots Lounge Chair

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Reverse Clock

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Brasilia Chair

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Beel Seat Ware

bdb85ed660417ad0f08eeefa0cebd1f7c665f149 t710

Vello Bar Cart

6244c25ec4d2a6592d8bc72cbfd5cdde92befe74 t710

The F Side Table

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Chiglia Table

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Carbon Barstool

5d26d1461236db637121b7edfa3f4267e25b68cd t710

Molt Armchair

09563b0a6b3b8342c13050fe3d1fd5233c0bb0de t710

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