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Learn To Make DIY Cool And Creative Tile Photo Coasters

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Need a gift for that special someone? Out of ideas and/or money? Well we just might have the thing for you, in this article we will teach you how to make amazingly creative tile photo coasters for less that $5 per set.We chose  square shaped tiles for this specific DIY because they are a great way to showcase any photo. After your tile photo coasters are done juts stack and wrap them with a cute ribbon, and there you have it, a simple and creative present that you will like so much you might just consider making a batch for yourself.

In order to make the these photo tile coasters you will need the following items:  four 10-by-10-cm  tiles, four 10-by-10-inch square photos, scissors, foam brush, clear spray sealant,  hot glue gun, felt, length of ribbon, Mod Podge.

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Follow the next instructions

1.Select the photos you want to use for this project and re-size them to 10-by-10 cm on your PC. You will want to choose images to fit the special event, such as  snow-filled shots for the holiday season, or some silly and creative snaps from a birthday.

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2.Cut out the photos and round the edges ( this will give the coasters a nice aesthetic look ). Now on the front of the tile you will want to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge, then put the photo on the tile and press it, after you made sure the is centered. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then apply another light layer on the top of the photo, horizontally and then vertically. After another 20 minutes repeat the last step, to make sure the top of the coaster is completely sealed.

DIY Cool and Creative Tile Photo Coasters (3)

3.Next you will want to cut for every tile four small squares of felt, and then use the hot glue gun to stick the four squares to each corner of the tile. For the final touch you will give the tile photo coasters  a quick dab of clear spray sealant, this will moisture-proof them.

4. All that is left to do is stack the tile photo coasters and wrap with a ribbon.

We hope you enjoyed this DIY tile photo coasters project and we would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments section bellow.

DIY Cool and Creative Tile Photo Coasters

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