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Lifeshield Home Security Review | Is It Perfect?

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Real estate is one of our quintessential assets in the modern age, and that’s why homeowners don’t hesitate to go above and beyond to safeguard it from any possible threat.

According to a 2017 report, burglaries account for around 18.2% of property crimes in the USA. Another 2022 study has proven that the average property crime rate in the United States is 2,109.9 per 100,000. Isn’t that shocking?

These statistics alone explain why more and more Americans are installing high-end home security systems. Let’s be real – it’s better to stay protected 24×7 than continuously stressing over our family’s well-being when we’re not around. Nothing is more relaxing than a smart system that religiously alerts us when a threat is detected nearby.

So, are you looking for a high-security system that protects your home without burning a hole in your pocket? The LifeShield Home Security plan sounds like the ideal option to go for.

That said, let’s take a look at why it deserves your attention!

Lifeshield Home Security Review  

Lifeshield Home Security Review 2

About The Brand

Before we go any further, let’s get some insight about the brand. American District Telegraph is emerging as one of the most reliable home security networks across the nation. If you’re looking for such a trustworthy security network to protect your house under a budget, we couldn’t have a better recommendation than LifeShield Security.

Louis Stilp started this brand in 2002, which was previously known as In-Grid. The firm came into action with 20 patents and different innovations, most of which involved DIY setups. However, the brand name changed to LifeShield in 2004 when Louis met Mike Hagan, the primary investor behind this brilliant idea. Fast forward 12 years, it rapidly spread out its horizons to become one of the best-selling security plans in the USA.

The brand’s mission is to offer cost-effective and highly practical home security that thrives on excellence and high accuracy. It’s headquartered in Langhorne (PA) and run by an incredibly competent workforce that keeps pushing further to enhance safety for its customers, day and night.

Pricing And Standout Features

As we’ve already discussed, one of the best things about this security system is the excellent payment plans that give it a great advantage. Here, the brand offers three specific plans based on your budget and requirement. The icing on the cake is that you get the flexibility to upgrade or shift to a lower plan with time.

However, there’s a catch; you’re required to enter either a 36-month or a 60-month contract before availing of the services. If you’re not subscribing to the brand on a contractual basis, the equipment won’t function.

The three plans are known as security essential, security advantage, and security professional plans. Although the benefits vary, you get a few standard features that are enough to offer optimal home security. For instance, regardless of which plan you subscribe to, you get common features such as fire protection, internal/external cameras, 4-layered protection, and free-of-cost mobile application access.

Equipment & Installation

Before choosing a smart system to secure your home, it’s essential to analyze whether it comes with the necessary equipment that can make the installation process more convenient. Lifeshield is trending as one of the most well-equipped systems in the market due to what it offers.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the equipment it comes with and discuss how to install them properly.

  1. Lifeshield Base

An essential feature that we expect from such technologies is alarm control. The Lifeshield base, one of the most convenient equipment you’ll find in any security system, indeed gives you total control of the system. Thanks to this feature, it’s comparatively easier to set the alarm on or off at will.

However, the cherry on top here is that inflicting any damage to the alarms wouldn’t harm the base. As it’s brilliantly programmed and disintegrated from the alarm, demolishing the siren base still doesn’t stop it from being activated at your command. The remaining tri-layer connection works efficiently to enable the feature.

  1. Security Touchpad

Are you wondering what the easiest way to control the entire security system is, if you don’t have your cellular device at an arm’s reach? Well, that’s where the smart security touchpad comes into action. Don’t be fooled by its tablet-ish look – it’s a lot more efficient.

The security touchpad’s fundamental purpose is to offer the easiest access to the user, which comes in handy in numerous emergencies. You can locate it anywhere conveniently and operate it to send SOS notifications. In the case of break-ins, robberies, or similar unforeseen accidents, this feature stands out to be a lifesaver.

  1. Safety-Oriented Entry Keypad

Having an entry password is a great measure to restrict uninvited strangers from breaking in. To our surprise, this product has a specific safety-oriented keypad that allows you to take household security to another level. Entering the correct password into this pad disables the alarm every time someone enters the home.

As the brand claims, this equipment is primarily designed for safety. And it certainly lives up to it, as continuously entering an incorrect password sends an immediate alert to the local police station. Overall, if you’re extremely serious about preventing intruders from forcing their way in, the entry keypad should be your go-to gadget.

  1. Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras

A good-quality camera is one of the most pertinent features of a home security system. With most security packages, you get either an indoor or outdoor setup. However, at a similar cost, Lifeshield offers doubled protection with its dual indoor/outdoor camera setting that live streams crystal clear videos, even at low light conditions.

This way, the system enables 24×7 surveillance and optimized photo/video quality. Nevertheless, the secret behind the excellent quality is, without a doubt, the 720p resolution the cameras offer. Not to forget, you get a 57.8-degree viewing angle, offering you a broader view for much detailed analysis.

  1. Ultra-smart Sensors

As we unfold its characteristics layer by layer, we can’t help but be astounded by how profoundly the brand has ensured next-level security through this package. First, this product comes with an impressive sensory kit set installed on the windows and doors.

This equipment’s primary purpose is to offer higher protection by alerting when the doors and windows aren’t closed. It’s operated through a magnet placed at the opposite of the sensor, preferably on the wall. This way, the sensor gets separated whenever the door/window is opened, sending an immediate notification to the user.

  1. Glass Break Sensor

It’s fascinating how the brand goes the extra mile to protect your home from malicious intruders. One of its finest examples is the class-leading glass break sensor, which isn’t commonly found in this segment’s home security plans. This unique sensor is installed near the glass and sends urgent notifications to the user when it detects any breakage.

  1. Fire Hazard Detector

If you believe that intruders are the only possible threat to your home, think again. Various accidents, including fire accidents, take place in a residence without notice. We’re very familiar with how severe accidents like these can get, if not dealt with immediately. However, installing the LifeShield program also saves you from this stress.

We’re very much impressed with its incredible fire detector equipment, which redefines household security with its advanced sensory capabilities. You get a set of smoke detectors and an internal camera in sync, which detects such hazards. When the sensors detect any smoke, an urgent notification will be sent to LifeShield’s monitoring branch for emergency precautions.

Why Buy This Product?

The Lifeshield Home Security packages come with a host of segment-leading features that quickly make it one of the most reliable systems to count on while you’re afar. The best thing here is that the manufacturers have loaded this system with a wide variety of state-of-the-art functionalities that are guaranteed to become the standard shortly.

Now, without any further ado, here are some of the key reasons why this product makes an excellent investment.

  1. Flexible Monitoring

With the drastic rise in burglaries and theft, it’s imperative to take sufficient measures to ensure that your loved ones are safe and protected. That said, one of the key reasons behind installing a security system is to keep an eye on your family and property’s safety. Lifeshield allows you to personally monitor every corner of your abode while you’re on the go.

However, that seems a little unfair to the busy professionals who struggle to manage enough time to spend at home, let alone monitor it while they’re gone. That’s why the brand offers you 24×7 professional monitoring at quite a negotiable monthly fee. Simply put, your residence is always under the surveillance of security professionals that ensure nobody breaks into your property. Worth every penny, isn’t it?

  1. Ultra-Strong Protection

To the average person, monitoring begins and ends with mobile surveillance. However, this system offers you four-layer protection that ensures that you’re notified by all means, even at the slightest inconvenience/misconduct. This way, it saves your property from malicious burglars that often attempt to hijack the CCTV systems before planning an attack.

That said, Lifeshield security systems stay connected to you through four layers, i.e., internet, landline, cellular, and battery. Such advanced connections prevent the system from being shut down entirely. Whenever the third party attempts to deactivate one layer, the user is instantly notified through the remaining mediums.

  1. 24-Hour Battery Backup

One of the main reasons thousands of subscribers rely on Lifeshield is how they redefine emergency preparedness through its features. This programming approach makes it very immune to forced-deactivation, a component that isn’t commonly found among most of its peers in the segment.

Most of the invaders/burglars tend to cut off the electrical connection of security systems as an attempt to bring down household security. However, it comes with a 24-hour battery backup that gives it a clear advantage against such instances. Even if the wires are snipped, it can run off the battery’s energy for about 24 hours.

  1. LIfeshield App

Times are evolving, and security is one of the fields to adapt to it the quickest way possible. Speaking of which, Lifeshield is highly appreciated by the users due to how convenient it makes surveillance look. That said, the current feature being discussed is the Lifeshield app, integrated with the security system for instant notifications.

Thanks to the app feature, you can always know what’s going on in your house from anywhere. Whenever the sensors are triggered, the system sends an instant notification to the cellular application to inform the user about any possible threat. Not only that, but it also allows you to alter the system’s configurations in your comfort.

  1. Smart Video Recording

It’s imperative to record any unusual activity in or around your residence, which helps analyze the situation or foresee any possible threat against your family. That said, this product has a clear edge over its competition with the incredibly smart filming capabilities it comes with, which indeed stands out as an excellent safety feature.

As you know, the system comes with a host of smart sensors that enhance overall protection by sending notifications. However, that’s only just the tip of the iceberg- it also starts video recording the surroundings as soon as the sensors are triggered. In everyday situations, the camera begins to analyze the scene looking for a trigger to start filming. Nevertheless, you can also turn on the cameras manually for recording in particular.

  1. Photo Capturing

Suppose you’re monitoring your property through the application, and all of a sudden, notice anything unusual. The system allows you to click an instant picture of the scene as a record. Although it usually comes with a video recording feature, you can’t overlook the importance of photographic evidence. Or else, you can have a little fun by clicking a few adorable pictures of your children or pets.

Nevertheless, the photography mode is an imperative feature that raises the bar farther high for household safety and security. Besides, you’re enabled to snap a picture at any moment while live streaming, which makes it even better. Last but not least, the camera also clicks optimal quality pictures, even during low light.

  1. Night Vision Mode

This feature, by far, is one of the most neglected parts of home security systems. As these systems are supposed to provide 24×7 protection from any possible threat to the home, the surveillance cameras need to feature a night vision mode. However, one more reason why we’re in love with this product is this feature, exactly.

To put it in laymen, the camera is equipped with a set of eight infrared red lights, which enhances its low light videography capabilities. Even in the softest of lights, the camera offers you clear visibility, enabling you to prevent any possible break-in during the night.

  1. Extensive Storage Space

With such impressive HD photography/video recording features, any system must offer substantial storage. To our surprise, Lifeshield has aced this ground with not only one, but two vast storage spaces. Simply put, you get a local and cloud storage feature with the package.

While testing, we’ve found that the local storage space doesn’t stand out as sufficient for the day-to-day live stream recordings. Once the recordings surpass the capacity of the gigabytes, the system automatically turns off filming. However, you can always subscribe to a more extensive cloud storage space to keep it going as usual.

  1. Amazon Alexa Compatibility

Lifeshield has acquired the catbird’s seat for ultra-smart security systems with its recent 2022 update. Various existing users had concerns over it not being able to respond to voice commands. However, the brand had leveled up with its recent integration with Amazon Alexa, thus, offering you a whopping voice command feature.

  1. Flood Sensing Technology

Last but not least, the pre-installed flood sensing technology stands out to be one of its kind. In case there’s a significant plumbing defect in your house, or a natural calamity that leads to an uncontrollable flood, this feature helps you take necessary precautions in time.

To be exact, these sensors are installed throughout the home with the primary purpose of detecting rising water levels. SOS alerts are sent to your mobile in any such event that buys you the time to contact professionals and save your residence and possessions from severe damage.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Nothing is perfect, and likewise, this product also comes with its fair share of areas that could use some improvement. However, despite these minor glitches, be assured that it still makes a highly appropriate and budget-friendly choice to protect your home.

One of the most significant issues that we’ve personally faced while using this plan was installation. Even though multiple sensors come with a diverse array of benefits, it also has a significant drawback. If you’re a novice to ADT security systems, installing LifeShield may put you in dire straits. In most cases, you end up with only one option- call in a professional to assist you throughout the process.

Speaking of which, customer support isn’t the strongest pillar of this brand. It’s rather disappointing how LifeShield doesn’t offer 24×7 technical support, which can be a little troublesome for those who aren’t familiar with installing this program manually. Nevertheless, the user manual briefly elaborates on how to install every equipment. On the bright side, it’s an ideal DIY project you’re ready to spend an extra few hours to get it right.

  • A budget-friendly home security plan
  • Comes with various sensory technologies
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice command
  • Live streaming in 720p resolution
  • Extensive 1-year warranty on equipment
  • Installation requires professional guidance
  • Customer support needs improvement

Lifeshield Home Security Review 3

Lifeshield Home Security Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve learned the ABCs of HomeShield security let’s take a look at the bigger picture. Before you buy any home security plan, ask yourself- are you informed enough to distinguish a reliable product from an average one? Honestly, various factors play a major role in determining the reliability of these systems that most of us know nothing about!

That said, the following section aims to walk you through the essential factors to cross-check before subscribing to a household safety program. If you know what you’re buying from the core, it’ll be impossible to make a regretful purchase.

On that note, let’s get started!

  1. Security Cameras

When we’re thinking of security systems, the most important feature that comes to our mind is the surveillance camera. What good is home safety if you’re not able to live stream or record the footage? However, there’s more to it; having a wireless camera is twice as convenient as the regular lens. Moreover, the screen resolution also plays a major role in this ground, as clarity matters a lot in these situations!

If you’re very serious about protecting your home from all kinds of threats, it’s better to invest in systems that offer night vision cameras. Most of the burglaries and home invasions happen in the dark, for which it’s of utmost importance to maintain optimal visibility at all times.

  1. Emergency Notifications

The primary motive behind installing a reliable home security system is to stay updated with what’s happening in and around your house in your absence. It’s not a practical option to keep surveilling the cameras at all times, as most of us stay busy with our professional lives.

That said, it’s highly essential for the system you’re installing to be able to send emergency alerts in case anything unpleasant happens in your property. That said, it’s necessary to check whether the product is connected to a mobile application, which is the easiest way of receiving notifications while on the go.

  1. Monitoring Service Support

It’s not always possible to get out of threatening situations on your own at all times. If the burglars raiding your house are heavily armed, it becomes tougher to protect yourself. That said, it’s also necessary to ensure whether you’re covered by a security force that is always prepared to offer emergency rescue/protection.

Many brands provide a 24×7 monitoring service that comes in handy while dealing with such unpredicted accidents. Whether it’s an act of violence or a natural disaster, these teams go the extra mile to ensure your safety. These programs come with an advanced “panic button” that informs the monitoring service about urgent help, as soon as it’s pressed.

  1. Sensors

Finally, sensory technology is one of the greatest innovations that has raised the bar higher for home security. These ADT brands exploit it to introduce a wide range of security features, such as motion sensors, environmental sensors, fire safety sensors, and whatnot.

To be precise, these sensors function brilliantly to detect any unusual activity that leads to sending SOS alerts for enhanced safety. However, it’s very well calibrated to stop being triggered by pet movements not to send false alarms.


Before we take your leave, let’s clear your remaining doubts by answering the most frequently asked questions about LifeShield security systems.

  1. Does the LifeShield Security System deter crime?

The LifeShield security system comes with a wide range of sensors and alarms triggered by the slightest of unusual movements. Burglars mostly avoid invading houses that feature a home security program, considering the high risks. On that note, it’s safe to say that the LifeShield system has the potential to deter crime.

  1. Can I have my house monitored through the LifeShield Security System?

Yes, absolutely! The program offers you free-of-cost mobile application connectivity that takes this benefit to another level. Through this app, you can live steam the interior and exterior of your house through the cameras. Not only that, but it also supports photography/video recording that helps you analyze suspicious incidents in depth.

  1. Is the LifeShield Security System costly?

Compared to most other options in the segment, the LifeShield Security System stands out to be quite a cost-effective program. You get three different monthly plans that vary as per your budget. You can begin with the standard package and upgrade it to premium afterward. However, you get various essential features, such as 24×7 camera surveillance, smart sensors, and mobile app access in every plan.

  1. Does the LifeShield Security System offer police support?

This program comes equipped with the safety-oriented keypad that sends emergency alerts to the nearby police station if misused. This feature prevents the burglars from breaking in and offers cop protection to deal with the criminals.

Lifeshield Home Security Review 1


Technology is developing astronomically, and ADT brands have been utilizing it brilliantly to make our homes safer than ever. On that note, we hope that our detailed breakdown of the LifeShield security system has helped choose what’s best for you.

This product is an excellent choice if you don’t want to compromise on your loved one’s safety, even if you’re running low on budget. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

We’ll see you soon. Stay tuned, and stay safe!

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