Calendars come in all shapes and sizes and prints but to be honest I don’t really like the selections you can find in stores. They all look very commercial and unappealing and have no personal touch. And as we at Homesthetics love DIY projects we though about showcasing you a beautiful, sensitive and delicate one for today we stumbled on Me and my DIY . The step by step guide is very easy to follow and duplicate so you will find the entire idea very cute and fun to put to action. All you require is patience and a little bit of time. So enjoy our DIY Heart Calendar guide and please share your end results with us. At the end you will find 3 links to some cute free printable calendars for 2014 we thought you will love.

Step 1

The first thing is to go and buy a degrade paper sheet set. You can find them at any stationar’s shop or you can select you color samples yourself individualy. This guide uses a soft pink to red degrade for a romantic, delicate touch.

diy heart calendar

Step 2

Cut the degrade paper into small cute little hearts using a stencil. Make sure to right mount of hearts from each paper shade.

diy heart calendar heart shape free

Step 3

Into you printed calendar base which you can make yourself on the computer, steel from another calendar or just draw it yourself by hand make vertical cuts on a heart shaped layout.

diy heart calendar

Step 4

With a tweezers attach the smart paper hearts in the vertical cuts you have made initially and add a little bit of glue before to make sure they will stick forever.

diy heart calendar

Step 5

The end result is so lovely you will want to frame it. And although making this for every month might seem like a lot of trouble, you can play with the shapes and colors each month depending on your mood and personalize your calendar even more.

diy calendar framed

heart on calendar

heart calendar result
DIY Heart Calendar

DIY Heart Calendar

DIY Heart Calendar

Free 2014 Calendar printables


DOWNLOAD LINK HERE printtemp-2014calendar-big


Photo courtesy to MeandmyDIY

Codreanu Andreea