An exemplary dwelling the Mask House is; it was envisioned by WOJR, a professional organization of architects in designers. The small home measures no more than 55 square meters yet it delivers this surface in a sublime state of peace and tranquility, a shelter for the mind that resides in Ithaca, New York.

In the center a large open room functions as a core, it is equipped with huge glass areas towards the exterior and a suspended, sculptural chimney. This living room communicates with a small kitchen on one side, the bathroom on the other and a small cubbyhole that offers sufficient space for a bed. Behind the wooden shield, the single family home has been positioned over a slope.

The sober attitude of the Mask House origins in its concept, it was envisioned for one who lost his brother in the lake it overlooks, visible from the terrace. The home is a shield from the outside world for the inhabitants, all distractions are meant to be diminished, it invites the residents in a surreal realm, one of peace and tranquility that invites to meditation.

Photo Courtesy to © WOJR

Anton Giuroiu