Architect Andrew Trotter is the creator of the following architectural masterpiece, entitled “Masseria Moroseta‘ , a shelter offering the perfect mixture between modern living conditions and a pure, simple, traditional and regionally integrated layout, with the usage of natural materials and local techniques.

“The building represents both rural simplicity and modern minimalism, fitting perfectly into the surrounding landscape.”

Someone once said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and the following jewel does the saying justice. Envisioned as a traditional inspired white farmhouse, inserted amid elegant olive trees in the region of Puglia, Italy, the incredible simple composition organized around a central courtyard merges into its natural surrounding in  a perfect equilibrium.Local traditional materials have been put into use with traditional techniques to preserve authenticity and local charm. Privacy has been a major concern, reason for which 3 of the rooms benefit from private gardens and the other hall from private terraces overlooking the amazing landscape. The connection with the Adriatic sea has not been neglected, the living areas of the home being oriented towards the vast surface of pure water.

“As in a traditional farmhouse, everything is set around the central courtyard.”

The ecological aspects of the building have not been neglected either, solar panels offer the necessary energy while the thickness of the walls provide shelter and insulation. In the same green spirit, the products consumed by the farmhouse’s inhabitants are produced in the actual garden or bought from local producers or artisans, encouraging local economy as well.

“All the food and drink served in the retreat are either self-produced by the owners or sourced from local farmers, producers and artisans.”

Masseria Moroseta represents the first architectural piece in the designer’s portfolio, a piece that has earned reputation for its incredible purist design.

The simplicity of the space characterizes the entire composition where light and texture speak for the entire atmosphere.

The gravel backyard completes the purist approach of the home, allowing it to stand properly on the ground and to visually connect with the environment without looking alien.

Small coppery insertions draw the eye and add contrast in a space dominated by light.

Photo Courtesy to © Salva López

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Codreanu Andreea