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Bare Bones Ghost Chair homesthetics

Lucite, Perspex, Plexiglas, and poly(methyl methacrylate), or PMMA, whatever the name Acrylic Furniture has become a real alternative to wooden furniture due to its incredible yet simple property of being, well, clear and transparent. This thermoplastic represents a cheaper choice of furniture material, reflecting light, emphasizing the interior decor and merging perfectly into any interior design. The quality of being transparent makes acrylic furniture seem like it take little up to no space, being thus perfect into small interior spaces and helping you maximize that space. Of course it may have it downs too: its see- through,therefore, you have to clean up more often and keep things organized which can actually be a plus if you think about it. Acrylic furniture can be represented by everything from coffee tables to office furniture and dinning room furniture. But although you can find almost everything in acrylic form, you should pace yourself and not go overboard, otherwise you risk transforming your home into a club or something really tacky. Further on we will present you a few examples of acrylic furniture and ways of merging and combing it with the rest of your furniture in order to maximize your small space.

Acrylic Coffee Tables

Acrylic coffee tables are truly space savers if we refer to the perception of the space. Their similarity to glass adds an elegance to the ambiance and their transparency empowers the surrounding decor, reflecting it and letting the colors and texture of rugs and carpets come through. The Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table fromCB2 and Peekaboo Clear Media Table are a classical elegant ensemble of acrylic coffee tables. You can add another tables next to the first one to enlarge it if you own a bigger room.

CB2 Acrylic Tables
CB2 Acrylic Tables
Peekaboo-Clear-Coffee-Table homesthetics
Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table

 Alexandra Von Furstenberg,  a promising designer with interesting acrylic furniture has drawn our attention with  the Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table, which was inspired by the designer’s love for emerald-cut diamonds the Radiant Acrylic Coffee Table,a touch of color in your interior design, both customizable for your own taste and style and to suit your space size.

AVF-Bullet-Acrylic-Coffee-Table homesthtics
AV -Bullet Acrylic Coffee Table
AVF-Radiant-Acrylic-Green-Coffee-Table homesthetics
AVF Radiant Acrylic Green Coffee Table

Acrylic Side Tables

Side tables are a must in a home. We all know the need of having a small space to place your coffee cup, your magazine or the book you like to read from every evening.They don not take much space and being clear they are even unnoticed. Below are two example sof side tables which are as functional as aesthetically pleasant: the Magazine End Table and  the CUBE, both from  HStudio and available in a variety of colors.

HStudio-Clear-Side-Tables homesthetics
HStudio Clear Side Tables

The Gus Modern Acrylic I-Beam Table  is beautiful and can be grouped to create a bigger coffee table. Designed by David Podsiadlo, it  is available through AllModern.

Gus-Modern-Acrylic-I-Beam-Table homesthetics
Gus Modern Acrylic I-Beam Table

 Alexandra Von Furstenberg offers us other examples of beautiful acrylic pieces, with a dose of color, whilst preserving some parts completely transparent.The On The Rocks Acrylic Side Table and The XOXO Acrylic Occasional Table are beautiful pieces that can become centerpieces in your interior design, impressing through their shape and color/transparency play.

Alexandra-Von-Furstenberg-Acrylic-Tables homesthetics
Alexandra-Von-Furstenberg Acrylic Tables

Acrylic Office Furniture

The home office is a very important space in your house and is usually the least we think about when it comes to design. Office furniture has for some time now been dense, bulky, heavy, occupying a lot of room and gathering tons of dust.Now you can dare to insert certain acrylic pieces to counterbalance the heaviness of the wood. The Lucite chairs  below add elegance to the office and unclutters the room a little. [room by Lloyd Ralphs Design]

Lucite-Office-Furniture. homesthetics
Lucite Office Furniture

If you are a darer and like bold actions, try inserting an acrylic desk or a combination of leather and acrylic. The Axle Acrylic Desk by Alexandra Von Furstenberg was inspired by the design of a Lamborghini and the Leather and Acrylic Desk from Plexi-Craft  was designed by Coffinier Ku Design, Ltd. with leather insertions as a strong contrast with the transparent parts.

Modern Acrylic Desk with Leather Insertions
Modern Acrylic Desk with Leather Insertions
AVF-Axle-Acrylic-Desk homesthetics
AVF Axle Acrylic Desk

Acrylic Dining Room Furniture

And now we go to the dining-living room area. Here things get a little tricky. It is hard to merge acrylic with other furniture pieces if you own a classic design but sometimes you should think outside the box from time to time and go crazy. Find that fine balance between the elements and you will have an elegant eclectic interior design. Usually you can use acrylic chairs to complement a wooden table  or a dinning table from acrylic as a statement piece.

Acrylic-Dining-Chairs. homesthetics
Acrylic Dining Chairs

See Von Furstenberg’s Racketeer Acrylic Dining Table with bulky legs and glass top is you like a little bit of drama.

AVF-Racketeer-Dining-Table homesthetics
AVF Racketeer Dining Table

Acrylic and Polycarbonate Chairs

And finally, the acrylic chairs. We could talk here for ages, the possibilities are countless. Just imagine a shape and color and you can certainly find it somewhere. For example, the Eero Aarnio Bubble Chairs, available at hive, merge metal acrylic and leather to obtain a perfectly comfortable chair.

Eero-Aarnio-Bubble-Chair homesthetics
Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair

We could not talk about acrylic and polycarbonate furniture and not mention Philippe Starck!  The La Marie Chair, solid and bold, stackable and found in 5 different shades, the  Hi Cut Chair with its bright color band and finally, Philippe Starck’s Louis Ghost Chair, a classical piece., a polycarbonate showpiece that is  both modern and timeless. [available at AllModern]

Kartell Louis Ghost Chair


Polycarbonate-Chairs-by-Philippe-Starck2 homestehtics
Polycarbonate Chairs by Philippe Starck

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Alexandra von Furstenberg and Her Acrylic Furniture Design

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