Minimalist Modern Home Inspired by the Surroundings – Takuya Tsuchida

exterior view to the living room and suspended fireplace

Realized by Takuya Tsuchida from 555 Studio, the home we will present you further on is inspired by the surroundings, by nature and organic textures, even by animal holes, refuges. Takuya says that it was only normal to include the ambiance and life around the house in the design process. The interior walls are expressing a raw finish of concrete and wood, meant to remind of the birds` nest.
The re-partition of space inside is realized by individual inner walls that allow creating your own space at any time, your own nest and refuge. The whole design concept was to keep unnecessary things out and therefore the result is a minimum of furniture, modular walls, minimalist design overall and colors that tend to enlighten the interior, visually expanding the space. Another direct consequence was the total cost witch was low, highlighting another advantage and attribute of the critter`s life.

cotinuity of space in a free plan interior design unique-house-reminding-of-a-hare-form-9-554x395
The minimalist modern home does not require special attention, so with all those together we consider this house an extraordinary example of somehow Eco attitude and great personality of  the owner. We would very much like to hear your opinion further on.

small central courtyard unique-house-reminding-of-a-hare-form-9-554x395

amazing contemporary interior design overlooking the surroundings

birds nest like wallpaper remind of the surroundings

simple dinning room unique-house-reminding-of-a-hare-form-9-554x395

suspended fireplace, extraordinary interior design unique-house-reminding-of-a-hare-form-9-554x395

white simple dressing unique-house-reminding-of-a-hare-form-10-554x395

exterior view of the unique-house-reminding-of-a-hare-form-12-554x395

small stark white open kitchen unique-house-reminding-of-a-hare-form-13-554x395

Photo Courtesy to Takuya Tsuchida from 555 Studio
What do you think about this minimalist modern home?

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Anton Giuroiu

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