Hupomone Ranch it is entitled and it resides in the Chileno Valley, three miles west of downtown Petaluma, California, USA, an original homestead. Empty for no less than 30 years the farm now receives the attention of a young family with three children that need a barn house; a need meant to embrace their commitment to sustainable farming. A design that captures the surrounding views of the coastal range beyond, the simple grounded design formed emphasized by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop  now complements the setting.

Modern Architectural Approach To Sustainable Farming by Griffin Haelsloop

In the north the homes is opaque yet an extraordinary amount of light is invited through the tucked access. The interior is filled with light, an ambiance mainly enjoyed by the living area that opens up towards the south with one bedroom and a kitchen; the latter enjoys a connection with the nearby garden through a sliding glass doors. An integral part of this design project, the landscaping, has been envisioned by Lutsko Associates and it contains several outdoor living areas organized for native plantings along a riparian restoration meant to encourage the indoor/outdoor living balance.

Cooling and passive heating are being realized with thermal mass and insulation, geothermal, radiant cooling and heating, solar and photo-voltaic panels also greatly contribute to the efficiency of this home.

Photo Courtesy to  Turnbull Griffin Haesloop

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Anton Giuroiu