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Modern Dream House with Imposing Cantilever by Clavel Arquitectos

aerial perspective at night Modern-Dream-House-mansion-with-Imposing-Cantilever-by-Clavel-Arquitectos

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This an example of a mansion in which the shape has been influenced by the concept behind it, it`s entitled 4 in 1,because Clavel Arquitectos in Guadalupe have merged four different experiences that are residing commonly in a house in a different manner.

Four lifestyles and perceptions over the home have been considered “the leisure experience”, “the living experience”, “the autonomous living experience” and “the guest experience”, these are supposedly influencing the spaces in which one would reside. All the home covers over 1200 square meters and is located in a suburban region of Murcia, Spain. The cantilever of the home is quite aggressive, bold, and it can create mix feelings for someone sitting underneath, you can feel pressed in by the huge block if you are a little claustrophobic as well as well protected and comfortable with the extraordinary views.

The steel structure allows the home to play with walls and windows as she likes, therefore the interior space is opening up massively to the surroundings , capturing breathtaking views from every position. The backyard landscaping seems from another story from our point of view even though it`s beautiful. The apparel of the entire home can be considered controversial reason for which we would love to hear your opinion on this ultra modern mansion.



amazing views Modern-Dream-House-mansion-with-Imposing-Cantilever-by-Clavel-Arquitectos


bedroom interior design Modern-Dream-House-mansion-with-Imposing-Cantilever-by-Clavel-Arquitectos
huge canterliver Modern-Dream-House-mansion-with-Imposing-Cantilever-by-Clavel-Arquitectos

exterior swimming pool Modern-Dream-House-mansion-with-Imposing-Cantilever-by-Clavel-Arquitectos
floor plans blueprints Modern-Dream-House-mansion-with-Imposing-Cantilever-by-Clavel-Arquitectos

section plane Modern-Dream-House-mansion-with-Imposing-Cantilever-by-Clavel-Arquitectos




Photo Courtesy © David Frutos-Ruiz

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