Norm Architects envisioned the home entitled Reydon Grove Farm, a splendid farmhouse in contemporary clothes at the edge of farm in Suffolk, United Kingdom. A long single story layout has been embraced to match the size and scale of pre-existing barn and dairies located on the farm site.

The layout is unobtrusive, it emphasizes the natural surroundings and it creates a slim silhouette imposed by structure, one that elegantly slips into the setting. Glass walls and white interior have been infused to emphasize the feeling of space and encourage transparency; bright white interiors bring forward extraordinary furnishings and sculptural presences.

Bright wall dividers have also been used to disconnect and connect interior spaces thus defining clear boundaries in a minimalist living ambiance. A fireplace and white wall split the cooking spaces from the living offering on both sides storage and various facilities seamlessly incorporated. The overhanging flat roof highlights the splendid silhouette of the establishment and its shape simply gathers light throughout thanks to the extensive use of glazed walls.

A super, sculptural profile that speaks of design.

Airy, ethereal ambiance to be embraced.

Light at its best, flooding an airy design that cherishes it.

How do you see this extraordinarily spectacular home in Suffolk? We would love to hear your thoughts on this !

Photography Courtesy to Jinas Bjerre Poulsen of Norm Architects

Anton Giuroiu