The following family cottage positioned in Kingston upon Thames, England  has received a modern update and extension by McGarry-Moon Architects to provide more space.The extension has been treated in a modern, contemporary design, but integrated with the existing cottage with the usage of wooden shades placed on the facade to filter light and create the feeling of a certain privacy.

“The new extension meets the old with a touch of glass,” the architects said. “Its palette is muted but precise, with crafted iroko timber meeting sharp board-marked concrete walls. Together they form a restrained but striking palette that sits comfortably next to the detailed tiled faces of the cottage.”

“The result is a project that allows the architectural languages of the contemporary and Victorian to relate to each other and form a stimulating and respectful dialogue.”

The addition merges effortlessly to the existent, not standing out but still enchanting a certain elegance.

The highly illuminated space exudes a warm cozy family feeling.

The backyard provides a safe, intimate zone and the extended spaces have massive glazed walls positioned towards in to invite the natural in.

What do you thin about this modern update?

information provided by McGarry-Moon Architects; photos courtesy of Adam Currie

Codreanu Andreea