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12 Best Night Owl Security Cameras Review

Security CCTV camera in office building

Founded in 2009, Night Owl has been focused on developing safe and reliable security systems for its ever-expanding consumer base.

That said, when it comes to security cameras, there’s no better brand than Night Owl Security. Don’t believe us? It’s time you upgraded your old and outdated security system by opting for an innovative option from the brand.

Now, here’s where the main problem arises. The availability of a wide range of security cameras makes the selection-process tedious and time-consuming. But you need not worry!

After extensive research, we bring you detailed reviews of the top 12 Night Owl security cameras in the market. To facilitate better clarity, we’ve mentioned the best options under three broad-based categories – wired (DVR and NVR systems), wireless, and add-ons.

Furthermore, the buyer’s guide at the end of the article will help you make an informed purchase.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the reviews.

Best Night Owl Security Cameras

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Wired Security Systems

In this section, we’ve provided detailed reviews of our top two recommendations in each category – wired DVR systems and wired NVR systems.

Wired DVR Systems

  1. THD301-88P-B Extreme HD Security DVR & Wired Infrared Cameras

Equipped with advanced dual sensor technology, the state-of-the-art THD301-88P-B smart detection security system detects both motion and heat simultaneously to minimize false alerts. It keeps you informed about possible threats in real time by monitoring larger areas, thereby ensuring total peace of mind at all times.

Night Owl THD301-88P-B 8 Channel 3MP Extreme Hd Video...
  • 1 x 8 Channel 3MP DVR with pre-installed 1 TB hard Drive.
  • 8 x indoor/outdoor 3MP Wired Infrared cameras.

Why Did We Like It?

You no longer need to worry about false alarms that often occur due to rain, strong winds, or when bugs flying in front of the camera. Unlike standard motion detection systems, the TH301-88P-B smart DVR security system utilizes dual sensor technology to inform you about real threats in real time.

During the day, you’ll be able to monitor large and distant areas around your house in full-color mode on the high-resolution 3MP infrared camera. It automatically enters the black-and-white mode at night and continues recording up to 130 feet of night vision in 3MP resolution. Hence, you get to view crisp, clear, and detailed images at all times, be it day or night.

As you already know, this is a hardwired security system that records continuously with no delay or interruption. Therefore, it guarantees your peace of mind even when you’re away from home.

What Could’ve Been Better?

To be honest, we weren’t impressed by the overall installation process of this security system since it was too expensive and time-consuming. We tried setting it up ourselves, but the design and technology complicated the process even further. Hence, our last resort was spending the extra bucks and calling for help.

  • Provides 130 feet of night vision
  • Picture-perfect wide-angle viewing
  • Uninterrupted recording with no delay
  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Installation was a hassle
  1. XHD502-88P-B Video Security DVR & Wired Infrared Cameras

With its goal of providing an innovative, quality, and cost-effective security solution, Night Owl comes forth with the XHD502-88P-B wired security system. It allows you to record high-resolution videos throughout the day and night with no interruption or delay for your peace of mind.

Night Owl XHD502-88P-B 8 Channel 5MP Extreme HD Video...
  • 1 x 8 Channel 5MP DVR with pre-installed 2 TB Hard Drive.
  • 8 x Indoor/Outdoor 5MP Wired Infrared Cameras.

Why Did We Like It?

This wired security system from Night Owl comes with eight 5MP infrared cameras that can be easily set up all around your house, both indoors and outdoors. Providing 150% more pixels than standard 1080p, the cameras ensure uninterrupted, clear, and detailed images with no delay.

Consequently, the system offers invaluable peace of mind at all times, even while you’re away from home. It also reduces false alerts by up to 90%, keeping you informed about real threats in real time. This is all possible, thanks to the advanced dual-sensor technology that detects heat and motion simultaneously.

Using video compression technology, the smart detection security system allows you to enjoy efficient data transmission to your smart device via the Night Owl X app. It saves hard drive space and ensures quicker delivery for faster access to the recorded footage when viewed remotely.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite offering night vision up to 100 feet, the infrared cameras of the security system fail to ensure clarity of image at night. The quality of the captured video isn’t up to the mark, especially in the absence of sufficient lighting.

  • Provides 24/7 technical phone support
  • Secured wired connection
  • Detects humans, animals, and vehicles
  • Faster access to past recordings
  • Poor quality night vision

Wired NVR Systems

  1. 4K Ultra HD Wired Security NVR

Secure, connect, and protect – these are the three terms that come to mind when we talk about this wired security NVR system from the brand. It utilizes cutting-edge technologies to record 4K ultra HD videos, even in low-light situations, allowing you to monitor your home on any smart device.

Night Owl 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD Wired Security NVR with 2TB...
  • 8 Channel 4K Ultra HD NVR with Pre-Installed 2TB Hard Drive
  • 8 4K Ultra HD Wired Indoor/Outdoor IP Cameras with Audio

Why Did We Like It?

Each IP camera of this wired NVR system comes with a built-in microphone that picks up clear audio from its surroundings. As a result, it pairs the audio and 4k video for detailed recordings with sharp definite lines to add an extra layer of security.

The security system can also record stunning quality full-color videos in low-light situations, thanks to its L2 color boost technology. Once the light fades completely, it switches to the night vision mode to capture up to 100 feet of detailed and rich footage at night.

You can easily connect to any of your smart devices, be it a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, to view the footage from anywhere in the world. What’s more? All the previous recordings can be saved directly on your device.

Furthermore, the hard drive can be customized as per your requirements using advanced compression technology. It saves space and bandwidth, thereby enhancing data transfer speeds, and helps create a backup for reliability.

What Could’ve Been Better?

First-timers may find its operation a bit complicated because of the lack of user-friendly features. Apart from this, there’s no option that allows you to zoom into your recordings like some of the other Night Owl security systems. Nonetheless, it manages to ensure complete protection with its detailed and wide-angled recording.

  • 8MP cameras ensure stunning 4K video quality
  • Audio-enabled cameras
  • Easy 3-way connectivity
  • Enhanced data transfer speeds
  • Enables automatic overwrite
  • Not easy to use
  • No zoom in feature
  1. CAM-IH8-BA Wired 4K UHD IP Camera

Next up, we bring you the CAM-iH8-BA 4K UHD IP Camera created through innovation and the pursuit of relentless excellence, keeping the customers’ best interests at heart. It captures incredible 4K quality videos in all kinds of weather and lighting situations, optimizing security 24/7.

Night Owl Security Add-on Wired 4K UHD IP Camera with Audio,...
  • 1 4K ultra HD Wired indoor/outdoor IP bullet camera w/ audio
  • Rapid image detection technology (rid). L2 Color boost...

Why Did We Like It?

Straight off the bat, this IP camera impressed us with the pairing of its stunning 4K UHD video and clear audio. With a resolution four times that of the standard 1080p, it ensures crisp and clear images, including distinctive lines to create detailed recordings, adding an extra layer of security.

But that’s not all! The 8MP IP camera comes with low-light (L2) sensors, allowing it to capture detailed full-color videos even while the light fades. It only switches to the night vision mode when necessary to provide up to 100 feet of rich and explicit footage.

That said, for us, the highlight of this security camera is its super-strong housing, which enables it to withstand moisture and dirt debris. Not only that, but it also ensures continuous security in cold climates with temperatures below – 22 degrees F.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Truth be told, we have no complaints related to the video quality of this IP camera. However, we weren’t entirely impressed by the clarity and depth of its audio. This is something Night Owl needs to look into in order to make this security camera the best in its price range.

  • 24/7 phone support in English, Spanish, and French
  • A weatherproof, strong housing
  • Perfect for low-light settings
  • Stunning 4K video quality
  • Poor audio quality

Wireless Security Systems

In this section, we’ve gone ahead and reviewed the 2 best wireless security systems from Night Owl.

  1. WNVR201-88P-B 8-Channel Wireless Security Hub

Get ready to bid the hassles of establishing multiple cable connections goodbye with the WNVR201-88P-B wireless security system. It wirelessly connects to your NVR to ensure uninterrupted video transmission with no delay, so you can rest assured about keeping track of every key event.

Night Owl WNVR201-88P-B 8 Channel 1080p Wireless Smart...
  • 1 x 8 Channel 1080p HD NVR with pre-installed 1 TB Hard...
  • 8 x 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Infrared IP Cameras;All...

Why Did We Like It?

First things first, the WNVR201-88P-B wireless security hub eliminates the inconvenience of cable installation. You can easily set it up using the Night Owl X app in less than 2 minutes and monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

There’s no need to worry about interruption or delay in video transmission. Why? The system manages to establish a secure wireless connection, ensuring maximum coverage of up to 300 feet. Plus, it’s equipped with advanced dual-sensor technology that detects motion and heat simultaneously, reducing false alerts by 90%.

You can rest assured of detailed and clear 24/7 real-time coverage throughout the day and night. This is because the security system also provides up to 100 feet of night vision. Furthermore, it stores all the recordings on a pre-installed hard drive, saving you from the expenses of cloud storage.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite promising a maximum wireless coverage of up to 300 feet, the security system may, at times, fail to deliver. We noticed that its wireless connectivity beyond 100 feet was a bit poor and unstable, causing delay and freeze. Nonetheless, it serves its purpose well at the given price point.

  • Supports 2-way audio
  • Reduces false alerts by 90%
  • 24/7 technical phone support
  • Easy to set up
  • Connectivity issues
  1. CAM-WNVR2P-IN Indoor Wireless Camera

Don’t own a security system? No problem! The CAM-WNVR2P-IN Wireless Camera can stand on its own by connecting to your router, allowing you to monitor your home or business at all times. It provides stunning video quality with an enhanced resolution to enable you to see intricate details more clearly.

Night Owl Security Add-On Indoor Wireless 1080P Ac Powered...
  • 1080P indoor wireless AC powered Infrared IP camera
  • Two-way audio enabled camera

Why Did We Like It?

Being AC-powered, the CAM-WNVR2P-IN Wireless Camera avoids the hassle of frequent battery replacements, as seen in battery-powered cameras. It also comes with its own power adaptor with enough cable for its easy installation in a preferable location.

As mentioned earlier, the camera can stand on its own, bypassing the need for an NVR. However, you can also pair it with an NVR (if you already own one) to increase the coverage of the desired indoor area.

The HD 1080p camera records videos with intricate details and better clarity while detecting threats with precision. In fact, it’s equipped with 2-way audio to support audio recording for an extra layer of security. That said, the camera can also be used as an intercom on your smart device via the Night Owl app.

You can enjoy multiple recording storage options without worrying about additional charges. The reason for this is Night Owl doesn’t charge fees to view or control the camera on a smart device or over the internet.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The CAM-WNVR2P-IN Wireless Camera provides only up to 20 feet of clear night vision. Hence, it’s not ideal for outdoor use. You can only install it indoors to monitor the interior of your home or office. Other than this, we noticed a lack of clarity in its audio recordings.

  • Flexible set up options
  • Real-time dual-sensor alerts
  • Supports 2-way audio communication
  • Stunning video quality
  • AC-powered camera
  • Not suitable for outdoors
  • 2-way audio lacks clarity

Add-On Cameras

Here we’ve provided detailed reviews of the 6 best add-on security cameras from Night Owl.

  1. CAM-HDA10W-BU Wired Security Bullet Camera

Compatible with Night Owl’s HD analog series DVRs, the CAM-HDA10W-BU Security Bullet Camera comes with advanced 1080p sensors to ensure incredible quality recordings. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, its wide viewing angle allows you to monitor distant areas with ease.

Night Owl CAM-HDA10W-BU 1 Pack Add–On 1080p HD Wired...
  • The HD Analog 1080p wired camera is equipped for facial...
  • Night Owl HD Analog 1080p wired camera comes equipped with a...

Why Did We Like It?

Each camera in these add-on packs includes 60 feet of cable, allowing you to connect them to your existing Night Owl DVR. The wired connection ensures uninterrupted HD viewing and recording with no delays. You won’t even need access to the Internet for this.

As you already know, the CAM-HDA10W-BU bullet camera is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Consequently, it’s enclosed within a weatherproof housing for protection against the rain and sun, adding an extra layer of security and deterrence.

Apart from this, it comes with facial recognition and night vision up to 100 feet for 24/7 wide-angle recordings of a large and distant area. We were also impressed by its IR cut filter sensor as it helps the cameras produce crisp and clear images throughout the day and night.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There were issues related to the build quality and housing of this wired bullet camera from Night Owl. We would’ve preferred a metal housing instead of plastic, as it’s more sturdy and reliable. Apart from this, the color contrast of the recorded videos didn’t look as clear and crisp as expected.

  • Vandal-proof wire protection
  • 1080p HD video recordings
  • Secure connection with no delay
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Audio-enabled
  • Poor quality housing
  • Color contrast issues
  1. CAM-WNR2P-OU Wireless AC-Powered Camera

With its aim of providing customers the security they deserve, the company comes forward with this AC-powered wireless camera that ensures real-time dual-sensor alerts. It begins recording HD-quality videos and sends you the notifications that matter, ensuring peace of mind while you’re away from home.

Night Owl Security Add-on Indoor/Outdoor Wireless 1080p AC...
  • 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Wireless AC Powered Infrared IP Camera
  • Two-way Audio Enabled Camera

Why Did We Like It?

Unlike other wireless camera brands, Night Owl offers AC-powered IP cameras that do away with the hassle of frequent battery replacements. It records incredible HD videos with intricate details and better clarity to ensure complete coverage of the desired area. This, in turn, allows you to detect threats with precision for additional security.

The CAM-WNR2P-OU Infrared Camera supports 2-way audio communication. In other words, you can use it as an intercom via the Night Owl app on your smart device. It allows you to communicate with the person at your doorstep. Not only that, but it also enables you to talk with your pet while away from home.

That’s not all; this wireless camera can stand on its own by connecting itself to your router. You can also pair it with a Night Owl NVR to increase the overall coverage area to keep an eye on things closely. For this, there’s no need to pay any additional fee since the brand doesn’t charge monthly fees to view or control the camera over the Internet.

What Could’ve Been Better?

First-timers may face issues while installing this wireless IP camera in and around their house. This is because the instructions provided were intuitive but vague. In fact, it also took time for us to get this one set up as it kept getting unplugged. However, once the initial setup is over, the camera ensures hassle-free operation.

  • 88-degree field of view
  • Smart home compatibility
  • Flexible set up options
  • Two-way audio-enabled camera
  • Not easy to install
  1. 2-Pack Add-On Wired HD Analog Security Cameras

Ever heard of innovation at your fingertips? Well, this wireless analog security camera utilizes the advanced dual sensor technology to record things that matter the most. It eliminates 90% of false alarms by simultaneously detecting motion and heat, allowing your HDD to last longer.

Night Owl Security 2 Pack Add–On 1080p Wired HD Analog...
  • In conjunction with an HD Analog Series DVR, Night Owl’s...
  • Locating your recordings has just been made that much...

Why Did We Like It?

Powered by advanced dual sensor technology, this 2-pack add-on camera efficiently reduces 90% of false alarms, allowing you to locate important recordings easily. Upgradable to a max of 6TB internal SATA HDD, your hard drive will last longer and not be riddled with false recordings.

Apart from saving space, the camera provides a wide viewing angle of 100 feet for monitoring distant and larger areas with ease and precision. Not just that, but it also supports night vision of up to 100 feet.

It displays clear and detailed recordings in full-color mode during the day. While at night, it enters the black and white mode, thereby ensuring complete surveillance of the areas in and around your home.

What’s more? Well, you need not worry about interruptions, and delays, since all the connections made are wired. Rest assured of multiple recording options that cater to your needs and preferences. In other words, you may schedule a time for recording or simply set your cameras to record 24/7.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We weren’t impressed by the quality of these cameras. The plastic housing is prone to cracks, which, in turn, may compromise the durability of the product. Also, the night vision feature of the camera needs improvement in order to prevent cloudy image/video quality.

  • Saves hard drive space
  • No interruptions or delay in video transmission
  • Clear and detailed video quality
  • Offers multiple recording options
  • Wider coverage area
  • Cloudy night vision
  • Poor build quality
  1. CAM-2PK-HDA10B-PU 2-Pack Wired Bullet Cameras

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the CAM-2PK-HDA10B-PU 2-Pack Add-On Bullet Cameras are weather-resistant. They can withstand moisture and dirt debris while ensuring wide-angled coverage in areas with temperature conditions as low as -14 degrees F.

Night Owl Security 2 Pack Add-On 1080P Wired Bullet Cameras,...
  • 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Wired Bullet Cameras
  • Up to 100 ft. of Night Vision

Why Did We Like It?

You can easily expand the coverage area by connecting this 2-pack add-on wired bullet camera to your Night Owl security system using its 120 feet cable (60 feet for each camera). Once connected, the cameras provide HD quality videos with higher pixels for better clarity and intricate details.

This allows you to detect real threats in a distant and larger area with precision and ease on your smart device. You can also easily access these recordings remotely at a faster rate, thanks to effective compression and quicker delivery over lower birates.

It doesn’t just end there. The CAM-2PK-HDA10B-PU add-ons provide night vision up to 100 feet. Despite entering the black and white mode, each camera displays the crisp and clear image you deserve even during the absence of sufficient lighting at night.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There’s no doubt that this 2-pack add-on can expand the coverage area of your security system with enhanced resolution and night vision. But unlike the other options, it fails to reduce false alerts. We’ve come across instances where it set off alarms after detecting the movements of bugs and flies.

  • HD quality videos
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Weather-resistant housing for outdoor use
  • Allows quick access to remote viewing
  • Sets off false alarms
  1. Night Owl Security 2 Pack Add-on Extreme

Designed using affordable yet innovative technologies, the Night Owl Extreme helps protect your home and business in all weather conditions. With a resolution four times the standard 1080p, it allows you to view detailed and clear recordings of your home throughout the day and night.

Night Owl Security 2 Pack Add-on Extreme HD 5MP Dual Sensor...
  • 2-pack Dual Sensor 5MP (2592 x 1960), Indoor/Outdoor Wired...
  • HD Camera with Heat Based Motion Detection, 100ft. Clear...

Why Did We Like It?

The dome camera utilizes the L2 color boost technology to capture full-color 4K videos in low-light situations. In other words, it continues to record detailed and colored videos even as the light fades towards the evening. And it only switches to the night vision mode when absolutely necessary.

Apart from ensuring incredible quality recordings, the audio-enabled camera comes with a built-in microphone that picks up sound from the surroundings. It pairs both the audio and video recordings, thereby adding an extra layer of security, so you feel protected at all times.

What else? There’s no need to worry about its durability, all thanks to its robust housing. Hence, the camera remains weather-resistant, capable of withstanding moisture and dirt, even in cold climates with temperatures as low as -22 degrees F.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite ensuring complete protection with its video and audio recordings, we expected the audio quality to be better. This isn’t a significant drawback, but we’d only recommend this camera for close proximity surveillance. Also, it doesn’t support 2-way audio like some of the other options on the list.

  • Durable build
  • Weather-resistant housing
  • 4K video paired with audio
  • Perfect for low-light recordings
  • Crisp, rich, and detailed night vision
  • Doesn’t support 2-way audio
  • Poor audio quality
  1. CAM-HDA10W-DMA Wired Security Dome Camera

Night Owl yet again provides an incomparable security experience with the CAM-HDA10W-DMA add-on dome camera. Simply connect it to your existing NVR using its 60 feet cable and expand the coverage of your security system. That said, let’s now dig a little deeper to know more, shall we?

Night Owl Security, 1 Pack Add–On 1080p HD Wired Security...
  • Want to expand and add cameras to your Night Owl Security...
  • This camera needs to be connected to a compatible DVR

Why Did We Like It?

You’ll be pleased to know that the CAM-HDA10W-DMA HD analog wired camera comes with a facial recognition feature for optimum security and protection. That’s not all; it features an auto IR filter that ensures crisp and clear images 24/7, be it day or night.

With its night vision of up to 100 feet and 100-degree wide viewing angle, expect distant and large area coverage, even at night. Consequently, it records the entire space in and around your home with precision and ease.

Once that’s done, you get to view the recordings without any interruption or delay for real-time security. Access to the internet isn’t required, and neither do you have to worry about interference from other WiFi-enabled devices. All you need to do is install the camera using the included ceiling and wall-mountable bracket, and you’ll be good-to-go.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Coming to the downsides of this otherwise exceptional security camera, we weren’t pleased by the quality of its mounting brackets. Moreover, it doesn’t come with a pan and tilt option – a feature expected in almost all security cameras for 360-degree surveillance of the area.

  • Facial recognition feature with IR sensor
  • Uninterrupted video transmission without delay
  • Easy to set up
  • Crisp and clear images
  • Wide viewing angle
  • No pan and tilt function
  • Poor quality brackets

Night Owl Security Camera Buyer’s Guide

By now, you must have gone through our top recommendations for each category. But were you able to narrow down your options if not settle for the best? Well, don’t worry, even if you haven’t.

We understand that choosing the best Night Owl security camera from a list of excellent options under different categories isn’t easy. As a matter of fact, the entire selection-process requires a ton of your time.

This is why we’ve decided to come forth with this comprehensive buyer’s guide, explaining a few critical points that need to be considered while buying a security camera. Read on to know more…

  1. Type

As you already know, the two main types of security systems are wired and wireless systems. Under the wired category, you’ll need to choose between an NVR and DVR system. And if you already own a Night Owl system, simply opt for an add-on camera, which is usually available in packs of one, two, and three.

Having said that, wireless systems overcome the hassles of cable installations and ensure expandable coverage areas. But they often lead to interruptions and delay in video transmissions in case your WiFi connection is poor.

On the other hand, wired systems offer limited area coverage, but they always ensure quick video transmission with no delay or interruption. You’ll not require access to the internet for video recording or viewing. That’s not all; you won’t even have to bother about interferences from other WiFi-enabled devices.

  1. Weather-Resistant

Make sure you opt for a security camera that comes enclosed within robust and weather-resistant housing. This enables it to withstand moisture and dirt debris, thereby enhancing its longevity. It should also be able to ensure 24/7 surveillance in cold climates with temperatures below -22 degrees F for both indoor and outdoor use.

  1. Night Vision

Every wired or wireless IP or dome camera should be equipped with a night vision function. Night Owl usually offers night vision up to 100 feet, allowing you to monitor the areas in and around your house with ease and precision, even at night.

Specific models also come with an L2 color boost technology to ensure full-color video recording as the light fades. It only switches to night vision (black and white mode) when necessary.

  1. Dual Sensor Technology

Night Owl doesn’t use standard detection technologies that tend to detect cobwebs or the movement of bugs and send out false alarms. Instead, the brand utilizes advanced dual sensor technology to reduce false alerts by 90%. It detects both motion and heat simultaneously to keep you informed about real threats in real-time.

  1. Resolution & Video Quality

Always opt for a high-resolution camera that displays recordings in HD or 4K UHD. The incredible video quality with enhanced clarity, better distinctive lines, and intricate details will enable you to monitor threats with precision and ease.

CCTV camera in the city with copy space


Night Owl is a brand we trust! And after seeing its vast list of innovative and technologically advanced security cameras, we’re positive that you’ll agree.

The brand has always been focused on its aim of ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction. For this, it comes forth with products that are affordable, highly functional, and easy to use – like the ones we’ve reviewed.

On that note, we now come to the end of our informative and comprehensive guide. Here’s hoping our buyer’s guide was able to help you gain the required insight on the topic.

Before concluding, we’d like to take a few more minutes of your time to go for a quick recap of our favorites. THD301-88P-B is the best-wired security system. WNVR201-88P-B is the best wireless security system, while CAM-HDA10W-BU Bullet Camera is the best add-on security camera.

With this, we’ll take your leave. Till next time!

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