We are in a constant changing cycle, evolving and transforming the medium surrounding us. Parsonson Architects have taken a part into this ever changing scheme with the Matai House, an initially family home in Wellington, New Zealand. Contracted by a growing family, the architects have chosen to expand the simple central hallway, rooms on either side and back bathroom layout into a contemporary abode, incorporating a brand new wing that defines an extensive common area and two more bedrooms. The street perspective of the house has been preserved as the extension takes ground in the back side of the property.

 “To accentuate this difference and to connect the house with the sunny rear part of the section we created a series of concrete platforms with wooden steps between creating a new elevated family living space leading up to a larger sunnier rear courtyard. We placed the two new bedrooms and a bathroom above the new living space. The roofs and outer walls of the extension are created in the same corrugated color steel as the old house, but are folded to suit the functions they enclose and dodge the WCC building envelope”

[Photos by Paul McCredie]

Contrasting the existing design, the modern approach stands out through simplicity in form and appeal.

The interior space has been kept airy, light, flooded with natural light.

Codreanu Andreea