Old Jewelry Store Converted to a Small Modern Apartment Tel Aviv

small space design detail shot

Changing the destination of a building is definitely not easy. In this case an old jewelry store, a commercial function has been converted into residential one, a lovely small modern home wrapped in elegance and style. The extraordinary apartment can be found on a busy street entitled Yehuda Halevi and located in Tel Aviv. The establishment has been built in 1939 and for several decades has been used as a jewelry store, the interior spatiality satisfying this function. The new function has been summoned by the owners and envisioned by  Raz Alon and Oren Golan and judging by the results we can say that the duo did a great job.

Besides the old destination of the building the spatiality covered no more then 47 square meters, raising even more challaneges along the way. On top of these they`ve also had a rather small budget and only one monumental task ahead: to create an old commercial dull space into an airy, breezy open living space. As there was no real budget for a renovation every penny invested had to make huge sense, the tall ceiling have enhanced the over all design with a sense of airiness when the home has been dressed in a color scheme with simple white pristine walls.

The private part of the home has been pushed in the rear while the living room, kitchen and dinning area have been brought in advance, a small hallway being the main transition space between the two quarters. The home interior design has been kept to minimal level and as a result the color of couches became, deliberately, accents .

small space design detail shot

In the courtyard the entrance has been treated as a natural extension of the interior space,emphasizing the small space. In the interior, with the same role theater style lights have been added; these came with a dramatic and highly scenographic vibe.

In addition certain shelves and storage areas have been added through out the home to satisfy the functional aspects and tie spaces together. What do you think about this small modern apartment? How do you find this conversion?
simple storage area in a small apartment design

extraordinary simple and beautiful snapshot of the small bedroom

bathroom detail shot

small bedroom design

small kitchen design detail shot

floor plan of the small apartment design

small bedroom interior design in white stark

access in the small bedroom


detail shot of the small kitchen

small modern kitchen design

Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

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