Envisioned by Steffen Welsch ArchitectsParkville Connect House is the name of an elegant joint translucent glass atrium in Melbourne, Australia, it represents the solution to a common problem for the establishment : the lack of light and transitional spaces in older homes, two modern essentials; the new design also adds the passive design principles thus offering efficient ventilation.

A new layout now provides a communal family space filled with light, sufficient space for movement between cooking and eating. The glazed sliding doors shape air`s natural flow towards the home`s courtyard.

The home`s needs in time and its upgrade options have been considered; a central room encourages family time yet a studio on the far side of the home shapes privacy and independence with the use of distance for the inhabitant, the perfect opportunity for a teenager`s independent retreat.

A brick joint between two glass volumes creates a powerful contrast with the old exterior brick wall in terms of materiality and chromatic alike, the new volume also adds depth through a contemporary silhouette in the city`s fabric.

Photography Courtesy to Rhiannon Slatter Photography

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Anton Giuroiu