Modern Lake Retreat Mansion in New Jersey by RES4

Modern Lake Retreat Mansion in New Jersey by RES4 homesthetics (18)

A second home for a young mother and her son who live in Manhattan has been envisioned and designed by RES4 as a retreat, away from the organized chaos of the city. The lake of which our mansion is taking advantage is brand new and it`s entitled Lake Iosco, being situated in Bloomingdale, New Jersey.

The volume in discussion is a simple rectangular shape envisioned to hide pavilion-like spaces within, to open up to the environment as much as possible  while maintaining extraordinary fluid spaces inside. The home has been built as close to the lake as possible, the huge glazed windows being oriented to the lake obviously, the main advantage is the north south orientation and the east and west deck which are emphasizing the retreat, offering extraordinary exposure both at sunrise and sunset every single day.

The specific lot is located adjacent to the lake’s concrete dam that forms a water-spill creating a creek to the south. The approach weaves through the woods along a narrow road, terminating in a gently sloped drive and polycarbonate carport that frames a view of the lake upon arrival.”

This refuge in contemporary style hosts 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, study room, playroom, lakefront deck and of course carport. At the ground floor resides the living room and kitchen on one side and the dinning-room on the other. Most of the appliances are hidden in the design, maintaining the interior design as breezy and transparent as possible, the light piercing the home in every angle, animating the interior in a playful manner, giving the inner home coziness and warmth.

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facade from over the lake Modern Lake Retreat Mansion in New Jersey by RES4 homesthetics (1)


Modern Lake Retreat Mansion in New Jersey by RES4 homesthetics (3)

small bedroom design with bunk beds Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

at night Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

corner Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

perforated wall Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

back entrance Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

view to the lake in the bar Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

bar area Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

small dinning area Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

kitchen isle bar area Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

dinning area in the kitchen Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

porch area and perpsective view over Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

Extraordinary small library design Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

small but glorious bedroom design Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

main entrance Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

back entrance Modern Lake Retreat Mansion in New Jersey by RES4 homesthetics (1)



plans blueprints Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics

facades and section planes trough Modern-Lake-Retreat-Mansion-in-New-Jersey-by-RES4-homesthetics


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