Balance Associates Architects have designed and built an airy cabin in Washington State with an immense challenge upfront : not to impact the environment at all as it is located on a former campground.
In order to achieve this feat of strength they decided to lift the cabin off the ground and stack it on a few small pillars made of concrete, then they built a catwalk so that the residents can easily walk from and to the residence in between tall pine trees, across a small valley.

The entrance of the Loop residence is elevated slightly for environmental reasons. It leads to a combined, open-plan kitchen, living and dining room with a central fireplace.
The upper level of the minimalist cabin holds small, tent-like bedrooms that are lit with sunlight.
The side of the 1,600 square foot residence looks similar to a lovely old barn house yet everything modern, timeless.

Located in Mazama, Washington, the site was enjoyed for many years as a campground by the family. The design minimizes impact to the environment by raising parts of the residence off the ground with small concrete piers. The entry to the house is a slightly elevated walk that leads to the entry and stair. This entry opens up to a 1 1/2 story living space and kitchen which are anchored by a centrally located fireplace and the stair. This stair leads to the “tent like” bedrooms with low walls on the second floor. Both ends of the residence have indoor/outdoor spaces. There is also a deck and elevated catwalk that runs between the trees, across a small valley, and empties onto a grassy clearing in the woods where the family used to camp.

Balance Associates Architects

Loop Residence Plans

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Fidan Jovanov