Open Form Architecture has conceived the following Prairie Style Architecture home in Montreal, Canada with the intent of preserving architectural details whilst transforming the interior design into a contemporary space, up to date yet still connected to its roots.The Du Tour Residence attacks the prairie architecture style through the usage of wood and exposed brick, all composed into an elongated elegant shape, integrated in its ground.


The interior space differs from its exterior, all contemporary, open yet still warm and elegant.The connection with the exterior space has been emphasized trough the existing deck and the multiple terraces positioned symmetrically in the facade as well as on top of the basement area that hosts the sauna.

The artificially crated landscape allows the form to shine while blending it in.

The glazed walls from the back side of the home express the contemporary touch of the architects, in a black hue boldly contrasting the warmth of the wood.

The open terrace can be perceived as an extension of the interior layout.

What do you think about this prairie home?



Codreanu Andreea