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Raimundo Anguita Envisions Modern Concrete Home in Chile

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A spectacular modern concrete home completed by Raimundo Anguita finalized in 2007 wears the name Urzua Cofre House. The establishment enjoys a quiet site in the outskirts of Santiago, a position that would allow the inhabitants to enjoy a relaxing home, close to nature.

The home opens up to communicate with its surroundings, blurring the privacy line whilst maintaining a strong presence through a sculptural volume. Several terraces have been envisioned, inviting the individuals to spend time outdoors in full comfort.

The volume sculpts the space with a massive concrete presence, perpendicular on the ground floor enhancing the composition greatly with sturdiness and brittleness.





The immense usage of concrete on floors and ceilings alike creates a very powerful presence in the interior where floor-to-ceiling windows pierce the materiality to communicate with the exterior : “This way a quite clear house rises where a diversity of indoor and outdoor spaces are generated, tied by the central yard and in which the more public spaces are contacted with the surroundings while the most private spaces are protected from it without loosing it’s dominion.” The house, overall, feels bright and inspiring, allowing you to breathe while enjoying the nature.





The second floor shelters the private areas of the home.


Photo Courtesy to Oliver Llaneza

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