Reconfigured Home With An Airy Fresh Interior Design

When you think of Spain, vibrant hues come to mind and cozy spaces. Yet the following design features light, open plans and contemporary designs.05 AM Arquitectura redesigned a single family home in order to adapt it to the contemporary needs of the inhabitants.

“The original house had a classical distribution of spaces, separated according to their functions; with a large living room, a dining room and a kitchen strictly separated.On the one hand, a large opening was designed to spatially connect the living room and the new dining room; on the other hand the new open kitchen was positioned near the existing porch overlooking an outdoor terrace.”

Open plan interior define the space which has been treated in a fresh, airy manner. Panoramic views of the sea are accessible through the massive glazed walls placed in the main living zone, allowing natural light to flow in unrestricted.Wood and stone were the chosen materials for the design, keeping up with the light color scheme. To keep up with the Spanish vibe set by the location itself bold colors have been inserted as accents to spice up the atmosphere.


What do you think about this fresh light design?

Photography by Àlex Salcedo

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