Recycle Wine Bottles Creatively Into Colorful Tuscan Lights Candlesticks

Recycle Wine Bottles Creatively Into Colorful Tuscan Lights Candlesticks homesthetics 2

Continuing our recycle trend started ages ago we are suggesting a less obvious idea of how to recycle wine bottles into pieces actual of art, colorful shiny and positive objects meant to surprise us, nurture, feed and nourish  us, our beliefs and our hope in humanity. We are talking here about transforming Wine Bottles or Glass bottles in general into Tuscan lights candlesticks, these can be used as centerpieces anywhere, from exterior decorations to dinning settings or coffee tables. Further bellow we will present the materials needed and step by step instructions for this project:

Materials suggested(these can be replaced with similar products):

Green Generation G2 Bottle Cutter
One Blue Bottle of around 8 oz
One Green Wine bottle, regular 750 liter
One Amber Bottle of 12 oz
Small Glass Gems – one box (MS269)
Large Glass Gems – one box (MS271)
Three Colored Tapers Assorted
Adhesive E6000®

Tips and tricks:

1. Safety first! Always wear safety goggles when your manipulating glass crafting tools. Keep in mind that the everyday glasses are only protecting a small surface and only from impact.
2. Top performance can be achieved by making sure that the bottle cutter blade is kept oiled at all times.
3. Try to extinguish the candles before reaching 1 inch above the mouth of the bottles.
4. Read three times and carefully follow instructions presented withing the green generation bottle cutter manual set (g2).


1. As usual, start by covering the work area with craft paper or newspaper, this will help you clean up afterwards and will also protect surfaces previously in direct contact with your project.

2. Clean the three glass bottles of different colors properly, afterwards measure and draw a mark of approximately 10 inches down from the top of the first bottle, around 8 inches on the second one and 7 inches in the last bottle using a permanent marker, or any other pencil adherent to glass. Please keep in mind that these distances can be easily changed but you will have adapt the design along the way as well.

3. Using the Green Generation G2 Bottle Cutter score and separate the bottles where previously indicated.

4. Work as much as you can on smoothing the rough edges, valuable instructions are indicated in the bottle cutter manual.

5. Once again clean all the bottles properly and place the biggest one on a bag of rice, sand or old pillow, this will insure its stability while you decorate its surface with the mosaic like arrangement.

6. To give depth to the object and maintain the round circular volume use small gems to the neck of bottle, using big ones will offer a bulky, bold and unnatural apparel. You can make each row different or create your own pattern, algorithm, here creativity pops in. Let the first row to properly dry and afterwards secure the rows one to another as well as to the bottle it self, this will create a more stable mosaic and will ensure durability in time. Allow drying time to each row.

7. Coordinate glass colors with the gems for the remaining bottles, you can use blue gems on a green bottle or the other way around, you can also combine them in your pattern, but we suggest you to sketch them somewhere before gluing them to the bottles, start with the neck and allow dry time .

8. After embellishing all the bottles with gems carefully place them on a decorative plate or tray, preferably with Tuscan influences or even better : an actual Tuscan tray, place the candles with the cut side down.

9. Place a candle into the opening of each bottle, try to center it as much as possible, light them and nourish your inner fire, you`ve just saved a small portion of the planet and gave life to an old item.

The exact same procedure can be used to create beautiful glass vases as presented in the featured image, you can also create a potpourri bowl or even a mug.

Be creative, stay green and recycle!

Recycle Wine Bottles Creatively Into Colorful Tuscan Lights Candlesticks

We invite you to browse more Homesthetics for more glass bottle craft ideas and surge inspiration for your next crafts.

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We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below on DIY projects, bottle crafts in particular. Reuse, recycle and up-cycle items today for a better tomorrow !

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