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Red Core in a Shelter Entitled House VVDB by dmvA

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dmvA Architecten, a Belgian studio, have refurbished a house built during the eighties.
House VVDB was designed and built by architect Jan Van Den Berge in the 80s on a plot close to the Mechelene-Brussels channel. Now, he wanted to refurbish it for his daughter so he tasked dmvA to breathe new life into the slightly aged A-frame.
The basic idea of the new design was to create a space that is more transparent and spacious than before.

The heavy looking concrete stairs were replaced with an elegant, spiral staircase made of steel. Further on, the entire layout of the home was transformed.
On the ground floor, the former workspace was turned into a studio for a company called Awardt while the kitchen and the living room are now located on the first floor, symmetrically positioned around a central glass cylinder.
The second floor contains a master bedroom, a bathroom and a fitness room whereas the children bedrooms are located on the third floor.

In the eighties architect Jan Van Den Berghe built his own house on a marvellous spot, close to the channel Mechelen-Brussels.
Roof-type, symmetrical ground plan, wooden structure, honest materials, the use of cement stone and many-coloured aluminium joinery, were the main characteristics of this period building periode in Flanders.
The post-modern pyramid house was a statement for the seventies/eighties. Architect Van den Berghe requested dmvA to refurbish his own house for his daughter.
No spectacular alterations, but subtle interventions, round perforations through the floors, a new central spiral stair, ‘whitening’ of the floors. Altogether an architectural attitude based on respect!

dmvA Architecten

House VVDB Floor Plans

At first glance one may not realize what this home truly hides, a contemporary, bold design nestled in a classic timber-clad A-frame is an interesting combination one might state. What do you think ? How do you see House VVDB ?

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