Redwoods A-Frame Tiny House Amazes Guests Around the Globe

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Sonoma County in California is known for its fun art scene and its vast offers of cinematic culture and yet if you still find it difficult to make yourself visit it, we are going to give you a reason more.
Cazadero, one of the wettest cities in California, is the home of this tiny A-frame house that you can rent on Airbnb. Alright, so you’re probably thinking why would you rent a tiny home in a place where it is very likely to get rain.
Just stick with us and you’ll find out what makes this cabin so special.

The tiny A-frame house in Cazadero is only tiny when looked at from outside. The interior can’t be bigger than the exterior of course but the design has been planned in a way to not make you feel the lack of space. There is space for everything and everything is carefully positioned.
It’s immediate environment, the lush redwoods forest, is going to provide you with beautiful sights, fresh air and absolutely no noise, but if you feel like you’ve seen enough of it, you can drive to the coast in just 10 minutes.

Enjoy peace, quiet, and beautiful views in Cazadero.

The space

This little a-frame cabin would make a productive retreat for an artist, writer, or musician, or a romantic getaway. Surrounded by redwoods on a private road in Cazadero, my cabin is an hour and forty-five minutes north of San Francisco: a roughly ten-minute drive to the beautiful Sonoma Coast, and just fifteen minutes to Guerneville and wine country in the other direction. Head west and you’ll hit the charming town of Duncans Mills; go east to Monte Rio, and catch a movie at the historic Rio Theater.

The full bed sleeps one or two comfortably. No TV or microwave; yes record player, wood-burning stove, equipped kitchen, and lots of cookbooks. The backyard is sunny and sloping with a view. There’s a table and bench on the deck for al fresco dining. And there’s speedy wireless Internet, too.

-Owner’s description on Airbnb

Other things to note

The house is small, so please keep your party size to one or two.

The bed is a cozy full size, and the mattress is memory foam. If you prefer a luxuriously large and super firm bed, this may not be the place for you!

The house has been lovingly restored, and continues to be. But it’s a work in progress, so please don’t expect sleekness and perfection: the fridge lives on the deck and on the smaller side (4.6 cubic feet to be exact), and there’s no freezer; the bathroom light is a lamp you have to turn on. If you’re the sort of person who might find these quirks endearing, this might just be the place for you. If all that sounds uncomfortable and horrible, it might, unfortunately, not.

-Owner’s description on Airbnb

How do you see this splendid A-frame house retreat ? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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