Remodeling for Today’s Green Businesses and Homes

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Working as a commercial contractor taught me how to help businesses convert to green materials and sustainable building practices. There are a variety of ways that businesses can change in order to save on waste, reduce energy costs, avoid toxic chemicals and cut back on water usage. Many companies have changed their policies in order to help the environment, but this movement really started with individuals who wanted to recycle and support green products as opposed toxic and environmentally unsafe materials.

Las Vegas is one of the hottest places to visit in the summer. Not only is it located in a desert but it’s also got some of the most world-renowned entertainment, casinos and luxury hotels. The Palazzo is just one of the places in this big city that stand out for its innovative green changes. For one the hotel changed its landscape watering system to be more eco-friendly. They installed artificial turf grass around certain outdoor parts to cut back on water usage, and they also use a drip irrigation system with moisture sensors. The sensors reduce the amount of unnecessary water used for keeping landscapes watered. The Palazzo was even named the most eco friendly hotel in America.

At home individuals have practiced all kinds of ways to save on water. They’re purchasing tank less water heaters and avoiding long showers. They’re installing low flow toilets and showerheads. However you can also use drip irrigation systems for your landscapes and reuse gray water from showers and washer machines to water gardens.

Reduce; reuse and recycle are the three R’s that have become the backbone of the go green movement. Businesses and individuals are able to look around them and see things that they can save from landfills. The ARIA hotel is another place to stay in Vegas that has embraced the three R’s. They developed a sorting center to divert 47 percent of trash away from landfills. They also send food scraps to local pig farms. At home, people have been setting up and using recycling bins to help reduce landfill waste. They are also finding new purposes for plastic containers, plastic bags, egg cartons and a variety of other reusable materials. At the home front, homeowners are incorporating the three R’s as well as up cycling. They are finding new uses for old and worn out items instead of throwing them out.

As scientists have shown, it’s necessary for the people of Earth to come together in the fight to end pollution and waste. Every single person can contribute to this worldwide effort on a daily basis.

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I am an entrepreneurial independent contractor and home renovation/remodeling expert in New York. I’ve made it a point to share with my readers a day in the life of sustainable building. Forecasting the possible application and implementation of new green building materials and technologies is just one small part of my effort to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.



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