In a world where time is of the essence, modular housing has become more and more efficient. In this context,  Felipe Assadi has designed the Remote House, a prototype project of a rectangular habitat featuring a one story family home built in 45 hours and installed in six in the Región de Valparaíso, Chile.The elongated volume features a living space locate din the middle of the space, three bedrooms, a kitchen with dinning space, a pantry and two bathrooms. The sides have been treated with glass facades oriented towards the magnificent exterior.

 “The structure is made of iron and designed with pine wood in exteriors, interiors, walls, flooring and ceiling. In the final project, the client will be able to configure his own house based on different module alternatives via web, in a system that allows connections between such modules without further instructions than adding now, or in the future, the required enclosures”.

Photography by Fernando Alda

The simplicity of the design allows the shape to stand out and the boldness of the metallic facade makes it heavy, rough, settled, anchored into the ground.

the interior design has been kept to a minimum, contrasting in tonality with the brutal black exterior by using warm hues that make the space cozy, familiar, approachable. The fireplace is also present as a symbol of peace, equilibrium in a home.

Codreanu Andreea