If you want something good on a tight string budget, then you might want to consider the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage.

With great features inspired by advanced technology (which can easily compete with all the other sophisticated massage recliners) which are only there to give you a completely relaxed experience, as well as an affordable price range that doesn’t cost you a bomb, this can be a great deal. So, if you are on a budget that cannot go beyond $1000, don’t need to look any further.

For an entrant level massage chair in the market, BestMassage has tried its best to give some exciting features and specifications for the product which could make it a delightful purchase for yourself. So, if you’re looking to get a massage chair, go through the review and see if you could go with this one!

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BestMassage EC161|Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner With Stretched Footrest Reviewed

Description and Benefits BestMassage EC161 Massage Chair

Though the massage chair is manufactured in China, it has some surprisingly shocking features which you would fall in love with. These are a few features of the Chair.

  1. L-Track Massage Roller Design

L-Track design is a sophisticated one and can be expensive. It is highly commendable that BestMassage was able to incorporate this design into a lower price range. Since their previous version (ec-06c) only supporting the S-Track, the manufacturers decided to take it up a notch by giving it a longer massage stroke. The massaging range in this chair can stretch up to 49 inches – that means, you can get the massage covering not only your body but also everything that comes right from your neck to the thigh.

  1. Zero Gravity Massage

In case you had spent hours on the internet hunting for the perfect massage chairs, then I am sure you are aware of the working mechanism of the massage chairs, and what a zero-gravity is. I could also bet on the fact that you wouldn’t want to compromise the latter, as no one wants to give up the massaging experience where they feel weightless.

If I am anywhere near being right, then let me tell you that you wouldn’t be disappointed with this one, as EC161 comes with zero gravity technic, then ensures you a top-quality massage, without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Heated Massaging Capability

Heat is essential to a good massage. I mean, it relieves the body of all the tension and pain. That’s probably why a lot of massage chairs have taken up the heating technic along with the other features as a way to deal with the back pain of the people. This chair by BestMassage too is not an exception to this addition. So, now you can have some heat to your massage and forget all about that thing called back pain. Oh, and also ease tension in areas like waist and stomach too.

  1. Foot Rollers

Feet can be one of the parts of our body that’s prone to strain. In order to provide comfort to the feet of the users and work on their better sleeping and blood circulation through reflexology and foot massage technics, foot rollers have been installed in the massage chair.

  1. OPTO Sensor Adjustments

Yes, I agree, this technology sounds weird, but it just refers to the adjustability of the massage chair as per the specific body shape, size and contour of the person using it. The technology senses the size and shape of the person and adjusts itself accordingly to fit with the position of the shoulder. As a result, you get a more personalized massaging experience.

  1. Shiatsu Roller Scraping

This is an additional something the chair offers, to enable a better foot massage by providing complete relaxation to the sore feet.

  1. Movable Wheels

The chair has wheels below so that it can be moved around the house easily.

  1. Pressure Cups

The chair also has certain pressure cups that will surround your arm and squeeze it according to your desired intensity and try to stimulate the feel of a human touch all the time.

  1. An Easy to Operate Remote Control

The chair comes with a remote control that’s absolutely easy to use. There are no buttons that are difficult to decipher and no words that are hard to understand. Just push the button you need to get your preferred massaging experience.

Other Specifications 

  1. Full Name: BestMassage Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner BM – EC161
  2. Model Code: BM – EC161
  3. Brand: BestMassage
  4. Weight limit: 120 kgs (265lbs)
  5. Ideal height limit: 6’1”
  6. Warranty: 1 Year
  7. Power: 110-220V
  8. Shipping Weight: 247 pounds
  9. Upholstery: Synthetic Leather
  10. Color: Black
  11. 4 Automatic massaging programs
  12. Zero gravity function
  13. Heat around the waist area
  14. Increased space for massaging that covers up to 60% of the body
  15. Ultimate neck massage experience
  16. Multiple massage Methods stimulating the feel of human touch: Extend, Relax, Recover, Refresh
  17. L-Shaped Track guides rollers from neck to thigh
  18. Calves area with airbags for intensity selection
  19. Airbags for pressure massage to the arms
  20. Detachable neck pillow
  21. Remote control with LED screen
  22. Adjustable controls to target particular areas of the body
  23. Assembly Required
  24. Curbside Delivery

Information Related to Warranty Period

Since the chair is coming from an off-brand, all you can get is a one-year limited warranty for all the parts of the recliner. However, once the warranty period is expired, you might have a hard time getting the product repaired, should anything happen to the product.

Pros & Cons of BestMassage EC161

  • Budget Friendly.
  • Extensive features.
  • L-track roller system.
  • Zero Gravity.
  • Foot rollers.
  • Heat therapy.
  • Extendable footrest.
  • Roller casters for improved mobility.
  • Getting required support, could be difficult as it is an off-brand chair.
  • Limited Warranty.
  • Not suitable for tall people.
  • Remote cannot be mounted on the chair.
  • Heavy chair, can be challenging to bring in the delivery, requires two people.

Customers Opinion of the Product 

Most of the users are satisfied with the product as it gives them a wide range of features for an entry-level chair, and that too at an affordable price. Most of the users are happy with the heating system provided to the waist, and the unique OPTO Sensor technology. The extremely long massaging track, as well as the electric mechanism used for reclining, is a hit among the ones who purchased the chair. A few reviewers are also satisfied with the intensity of the massage that the recliner provides.

However, some of the reviewers find the calf massaging system painful and that the leg couldn’t be moved independently to that of the massage chair. In spite of this minor set back, the product has many customers who are completely satisfied with the product.

Final Thoughts on the Product

Overall, I can say that the EC161 model by BestMassage is a good chair, not just for those who are on a budget, but for basically every massage enthusiast out there, as it provides the state of the art features at a minimal price.

So, if you are just looking to relax and home while taking pride in the investment you made and not regret it, you could go for the EC161 without any further doubt.