Dune House resides on the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands and it has been envisioned by Marc Koehler Architects, a volume elegantly rises over harsh terrain with a sculptural geometrical shape half-sunk to obtain expansive views towards the Nordic Sea.

The shape attempts to resemble a diamond wrapped in wood that shifts for the individual as he changes perspective, according to the architects:

“the forces of nature prevalent in the environment – the sea, the sunlight and the local wind patterns – determine the design in such a way as if they themselves had sculpted the house. It is above all a very contextual design and for this reason every material was chosen after close examination of the colors and textures found in the environment.”

Inside an impressive interior with odd geometric shapes has been sculpted, light floods it throughout.  The core swirls around it as spiraling promenade of great architectural strength builds from one platform to another in a few steps the experience of walking on dunes.

This particular interior relation creates new means of communication between spaces themselves but also between spaces and the exterior environment as the openings towards the landscape have been positioned, shaped and sized to serve a certain function.

The home includes prefabricated wood, solar panels and a fireplace that runs on biomass.

Photo Courtesy to Marc Koehler Architects

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Anton Giuroiu