An original shape follows, one inspired from the geometry of its site. Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid has conceived in Koidu Village, northern Estonia an unique architectural piece, folding an unfolding in different angles at every turn, powerful in stance and tone. Glass and wood merge into a contemporary design taking roots in geometrical forms, nesteling a large tall living space in the core of the home itself.

“The main building was erected on the western side of the plot while the grill house stands on the east side inside a small hill and acts as an echo of the main building.” the architects said. “Between these two volumes an inner rectangular courtyard is created with golden ratio proportions. The landscape protects the yard from the traffic noise and offers privacy.”

Photography by Tõnu Tunnel

The interior design, light and airy, with a touch of color in accents, comes in a powerful contrast with its edgy exterior.

Natural light is filtered through color and vibrancy, illuminating the ample space of the living space.

The form of the home invites the inhabitant and visitor to enter through the core of the house, the living space.

Codreanu Andreea