Rever & Drage Architects  have conversed a dilapidated 1950’s building  into what is now called Cabin Straumsnes, a home located in Straumsnes, Tingvoll, Norway. The connection with the impressive natural surroundings has been their key priority as well as composing a contemporary design that managed to merge with the natural and not feel intrusive.

” The result is both a traditional shelter with a gabled roof, and at the same time a modernist complex of added units dominated by flat roofed modules”.

The beauty of the water element present in its natural form has been doubled by the insertion of a pool which reflect the architectural composition in its surface.

The rooms have been designed in modules,each one expressed in the wooden clad facade and overlooking the water.

The home takes advantage of its positioning on the rocky cliff and embeds itself into the greenery.

“The entrance has a somewhat seductive nature by being both inviting and at the same time secretive.You are led towards an entrance by the curved path and by the roofs and volumes surrounding it. Still the entrance remains hidden.”

Wood has been chosen as the primary mtaerial used indoors as well, with a modern fireplace nestled in the large yet cozy living room space.

Large glazed walls invite the natural in.


Photography courtesy of Rever & Drage Architects

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Codreanu Andreea