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Selection of Splendid 29 Cacti in DIY Flower Pots


Present in many forms, colors and sizes the world`s collection of cactus indoors is astonishingly beautiful, diverse and interesting, they`re a statement. Whether you are into succulents, colorful cacti or weirdly lilthops, the following article is for you; it contains an interesting selection of splendid cacti in diy flower pots. The projectS are here as a statement for the amount of immense possibilities that a crafter can pursue indoors to highlight his decor through simple, graphic and inexpensive means.

Cast a glance over the curated gallery and feel free to follow the links for more details, the full tutorials await you !

Cacti in DIY Flower Pots

salvaged wood hearty moments


Simple salvaged wood obtained from pallets or old constructions can be put to good use, the amazing craft above pictures a sensible shape sculpted by cozy, natural material nestling extraordinary small and cute greenery, a recipe for success.

via casa.abril.com.br

elevate simple wooden boxes off the ground


via livingathome.com

use gold patterns in DIY concrete flower pots


Various stencils or pieces of tape and paper can help you prepare the surface for a gold spray paint tube. Get crafting !

via brit.co

re-purpose old elements for the better


Succulents are elements that can be scaled beautifully towards the unbelievable, the extraordinary. Are you prepared to get these to the next level?

Source Unknown

craft a desert garden oasis indoors


The simplest recipient can adorn your collection of cacti in something that recalls their origins.

Tutorial @ hgtv.com

paint tin cans to your advantage


via etsy.com

tiny DIY cactus planter as an accent


Gold spray paint, small rocks painted pink and a patterned-string wrapped around a terracotta pot can construct a really unique and special cacti flower pot.

Tutorial in full @ hisugarplumsblog.com

get inspired by the right collection


via blog.justinablakeney.com

minimal plant pots patterned 


White receiving hand-painted black elements can look spectacular. The black can be changed with the desired color to fit any setting. The flower pots with a small succulent or cactus can make extraordinary diy gifts too !

Tutotrial @ homeyohmy.com

petite DIY cactus plantation in a pot


via flickr.com


via quinncooperstyle.com


A simple fruit-bowl can look up to the position of cactus plantation if he dreams big enough. The role is extraordinary as it nurtures the natural environment in a small form factor, color and greenery emphasizing the world, beautifying a setting, surprising guests.

via fromezterwithlove.blogspot.com

cloth patterns in a planter


Cloths and textile surprise us with the rightful patterned rhythm quite often, the level of authenticity and simplicity that they carry is quite often spectacular, a beautiful medium to work with, a really good medium to enjoy for coziness warmth and a piece of true inspiration when it comes to design. One could get inspired by its latest textile addition an attempt to replicate a pattern that he or she fancies onto a chalkboard planter. Simple transfer, unlimited revisions possible.

Full tutorial @ francoisetmoi.com

use colors and patterns that you love


via blog.framebridge.com

craft a triangular wooden planter


Six simple cots, three pieces of wood, an extraordinary graphic piece of decor that can become a module in a far bigger installation.

Full tutorial @ themerrythought.com

stencils on a cactus planter


The easiest method, the most lucrative solution for diy gifts needed fast. Particularize them with different colors and different patterns for each individual gift.

Tutorial @ thecraftedlife.com

hand paint something worthy


Little paint, a brush and the simplest bare flower pot can function as a canvas and can work to you advantage. Get creative with simple elements and tailor graphic solutions.

adorable mid-century inspired planters


Tutorial @ sugarandcloth.com

coffee mugs as planters


Every now and then a flower pot remains alone in its collection, awaiting attention, offer it through a plant, a piece of nature in a cup.

via gardeningdaily.org

create a spiky planter for a spiky plant


The simple spiky pot can be done at home with clay, an unique approach for a special friend.

via notonthehighstreet.com

spray painted copper planter pots 


A black plastic flower pot that came free with your plant, a boredom mundane look can shine once more with simple copper spray paint. Make them shine today !

via poppytalk.com

use a cactus pattern on a cactus planter


Stay true to your goal, be creative and design a pattern that you love. A cactus on a cactus can look pretty epic.

via instagram.com

gorgeous camel cactus planter



Insert a desert-specific element to create the right setting for the right collection of plants. It can change the setting quite a bit, especially in diy gifts.

tailor mini cacti planters


Live & love, create beautiful quotes, simple patterns, solutions that can be embraced beautifully for spectacular patterns.

Tutorial @ ladybirdlikes.blogspot.com

embrace the modular honeycomb system


via  anoukdekker.nl

spray marble on planters


Exquisite crafts for exquisite taste.

Full details @ vintagerevivals.com

textile and fabric and pot


One pattern can make a flower pot fancy, chic. 

Details @ tellloveandparty.com

Hairpin vintage planter


The presence of hairpins is a statement and so is the white bowl keeping a colorful greenery presence worth cherishing.

Details @ abeautifulmess.com

regardless of flower pot give greenery a home


via 1001gardens.org

In the end the greenery contained matters, shelter it in your household and beautify the world from within, plant by plant.

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