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Setting the Christmas Table Decorations Right for the Most Wonderful Season of All

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Christmas dinners deserve nothing but the best decorations and table setups. Christmas table decorations may vary from one’s taste and theme for this special holiday, but each table decoration shares the festivity and the beauty of the season. The creativity of presenting the merriness and warmth of this beloved holiday is always present in the table decor, in one form or another. It is about creating a cozy, cheerful, homey experience for yourself and your loves ones, a feeling of warmth and comfort and piece.

Setting the Christmas Table Decorations

shiny globes of joy and unique branch centerpiece

This Christmas table decoration gives an unique approach on using Christmas ornaments, particularly the common red and gold globes. The large clear vase and tree branches create a certain rustic stunning appeal to the whole dining setup. The use of wine glasses is also a clever way of highlighting the shiny globe ornaments. The setup is simple but stunning.

Amusing Dining Table Decration For Christmas

setting up the table with the right runner

Table runners add lovely aesthetics to a table and also protect the table from potential scratches. This table runner is perfect for the Christmas buffet because of its different snow patterns. White is also a neutral hue that can make any other decoration stand out and still look relevant in the whole design.



planning the seats ahead

While there are many other decorations that are expensive and more colorful, using materials that are already abundant within the area can bring a different look for the whole of the dining setup. Personalizing each seat by placing names of guests and/or loved ones using pine cones and decorative name tags is a lovely idea.


rosemary wreath for Christmas plates

Some would concentrate in decorations on the table and not mind if the plates used are plain. However, just putting plain white plates can be dull specially for the Christmas cheer. With a little decoration, like this rosemary wreath, even a plain plate will look festive. Add in a twine or a ribbon that matches the holiday theme and it becomes a lovely piece of decor on the plate.



naming all the foods in style

Guests will want to know what’s on the buffet table, and naming each one will be a tad too tiring for people who are already busy doing all the labor for the Christmas table. These simple but smart ideas will help guests stop the guessing games on the food on their plates.



bring the tree on the plate

Christmas trees are the most common symbol of Christmas, one that is recognized all around the world. While decorating one is fun, bringing it to the table as part of the Christmas table decorations can be easier. This Christmas tree napkin captures the right elements of a Christmas tree and is simple to make. This will surely make any guest feel more festive as they dine for Christmas.



floating candles and bowls of holly

In a dining table setup, candles bring a certain kind of effect , they have become a staple decor for most, if not all table setups. Floating candles in a bowl paired with hollies can make a festive table decoration that can wow any guest. This will surely light up the room and make Christmas dinner a lovely new experience.



doing things upside down and snowy

No snow during Christmas is no problem in terms of decorating the table. Just a little creativity added with the all-time favorite symbols of Christmas and you get a snowy design to go along the holiday cheers. The upside down wine glasses are perfect for candle holders.



winter wonderland colors of Christmas in a vase

Vases with snow, snowflakes, and mix or blue and white create a dreamy Christmas table decoration. The blue globes are emphasized effortlessly by the other white decorations while the gray decors add texture to the whole look.



making use of the season’s natural ornaments

Pinecones have become a popular part of Christmas season and can truly make a statement even on a dining table. This natural charmer of winter brings a certain rustic look and is sure to attract people at first glance. Whether a pinecone is painted or left with its natural color, chances are it will be a beautiful decoration on the Christmas table.



Adding a little rustic decor on the table

Rustic decorations are always lovely even for Christmas table decor. The neutral colors, such as the brown burlap used in this candle centerpiece, blends well with any other decorations and cutlery on the table. Using fresh greens is also refreshing for the eyes and makes the centerpiece lovelier.


making the dining experience merrier with mason jars

Mason jars fit any season and can be an easy choice for a Christmas table decoration. Adding even the most common household items, like vegetables and fruits, can look beautiful with mason jars. The white powder seals the Christmas theme on these mason jars.



 bringing the rustic icons on the table

Reindeers and pine trees are iconic figures of Christmas. Adding red with the green and brown creates a rustic decor that fits the season of giving. The dainty reindeer napkin holders also make the decoration cute and will surely steal the attention of your guests.



When going Larger is the better choice

When it comes to dining table decorations, having small decorations may not be a good choice. Small decorations may go unnoticed because of the food on the table. Bigger decorations in  the combination of colors that represent the season will definitely stand out and look perfect for a table that will be filled with mouthwatering foods.



rustic and pastel tones for a different setup

While striking red and luscious greens dominate most Christmas table decorations, pastel colors can also become festive. The softer hues bring a fresher and milder take on the holiday feast, making a dainty background for the hearty meals of the Christmas dinner.




neutrals, reds and greens for a homier look

Candy canes, pine cones, and hollies are the perfect Christmas decorations, and all these can be mixed as a Christmas table decoration. Each color complements the others and the whole look brings a nostalgic feel. The plaid table runner is a perfect background for the mix of colors and keeps the decorations standing out from the wooden table. Add red plates and green tea sets and your Christmas dinner table is ready.



lovely mix of Christmas decors in one box

Using a plantbox on the dining table is an unique way of replacing the usual table runners. The mix of Christmas globes, winter greens and pine cones illuminated by the candles is a romantic setting for the season of giving.



dreamy Christmas baskets on the table

In decorating the Christmas tables buying is easy, but making is fun. The ideas like this dainty winter wonderland inspired basket decoration brings out the best out of a person’s imagination. Using things that can be seen on a daily basis and combining them to create lovely and dreamy works of art create a cozy, comfortable decor.



How do you usually decorate the Christmas table? Feel free to share your decorations in the comment section below.


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