Shark NV682 Vs NV683 Vs NV752 | Upright Vacuum Comparison Review

Shark NV682 Vs NV683 Vs NV752

The household appliance market is teeming with countless upright vacuum cleaning models, however, the fact of the matter is most of them are just bad. They are bulky, expensive, and don’t offer the level of cleaning expected from a good vacuum cleaner. In a saturated market full of average upright cleaners, SharkNinja is trying its best to offer the required vacuum cleaning features to homeowners.

The upright models designed by Shark Ninja are lightweight and have dexterous designs. Moreover, these vacuum cleaners are offered in the price range, where they remain a cost-effective purchase. SharkNinja has introduced many upright vacuum models in the last couple of years. Interestingly, many of them have similar shapes and sizes, making it difficult for customers to tell them apart.

If you are looking for a top-quality, highly-functional, and reasonably-priced upright vacuum cleaner, then we would strongly recommend you to stick to any SharkNinja model. Here, we are going to do a comparative review of three of the SharkNinja upright vacuum cleaners: Shark NV682, NV683, and NV752. All three of them look pretty similar at first sight, but you can distinguish them through the features we are going to discuss below.

Shark NV682 Vs NV683 Vs NV752 

Shark NV682 Vs NV683 Vs NV752

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum...
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We are going to review these Shark upright vacuum cleaners on the basis of four main characteristics.

1. Cleaning Capability

The cleaning capability of a vacuum cleaner is all that matters when you shortlist a couple of models for your buying consideration. The three Shark models we have picked for you do well on all cleaning fronts. You can use them on high, low-pile carpets as well as hard floors.

In Shark NV682 and NV683, you get a dust-away attachment that is particularly designed for the maneuvering of the vacuum cleaner on the hardwood and tile floors. This attachment makes sure the cleaning head move while sucking in all the last speckles of dust and dirt.

A similar dust attachment also comes with the Shark NV752. However, SharkNinja has marketed it with the title “Hard Floor Hero Attachment.” This attachment also makes sure the vacuum cleaner doesn’t miss any small or large floor debris and mess.


 As you can see, there isn’t any difference between the cleaning capabilities of Shark NV682, NV683, and NV752. However, the home and car detail kit that comes with NV683 proves to be the tiebreaker here. For a more complete cleaning solution, Shark NV683 does slightly better than the other two NV upright vacuum cleaners.  

2. Cleaning Versatility

A good upright vacuum cleaner is one that offers a versatile cleaning performance. In that context, all these Shark vacuum models are great. All of them feature the power lift-away mode. This allows you to detach the handle of the vacuum for using its cleaning head more independently. This feature comes in useful when you have to get rid of the dust from the hard-to-reach furniture and appliance undersides.

Shark hasn’t stopped here on improving the cleaning versatility of these three upright vacuum cleaners. All three of these NV models also come with the above-floor attachment. By combining the power lift-away with the above-floor cleaning attachment, you can virtually clean every space and surface in the house. From upholstery of the couch in the living room to the staircase and window sills— you can use all three of these Shark uprights for every vacuuming job.

This cleaning versatility of all three of these Shark vacuums is further amped up by their lightweight, ergonomic design and agile swiveling steering. Your arms and hands won’t get all strained and exhausted even if you use these NV upright models for extensive and time-consuming cleaning jobs.


Shark NV682, NV683, and NV752 are equally versatile with their cleaning operations. You can pick any of them if you are looking for an ultimate vacuuming solution for all sorts of surfaces and spaces.

3. Value-Added Features

What makes these Shark NV upright vacuums better than the other units with similar suction power and price point is their value-added features. You won’t find these special features in the majority of upright vacuum cleaners available in the market. Let’s see what these value-added features are

LED Lighting Panel on the Cleaning Head

All three Shark NV models feature a cleaning head with bright white LED lights in front. This allows you to vacuum your space at any time of the day without relying on the lighting fixture of the house. These lights also come in handy when you are cleaning those tight corners and nook and crannies of the house that remain poorly-lit even during the daytime. A lit-up cleaning head will make sure you can effectively steer the vacuum in the right direction and can finish the job in fewer sweeps.

Fingertip Switch

In the upright configuration, these Shark NV models primarily work in two different modes for cleaning carpets and hard floors. If your home’s floor plan is a mix and match of carpets and hardwood or tiles and you are going to vacuum all of it in a single session, then you will thank SharkNinja for introducing the fingertip switch control in these upright cleaners. The switch is given on the handle so you can flip between carpet and bare floor cleaning with a single flick of a finger.


Like versatility, all three Shark NV models share similar value-added features. You can pick any of them for their LED-lit cleaning platforms and fingertip switches.

4. Filtration

Vacuum cleaners generate powerful suction that doesn’t just suck in the dust and dirt but also exhausts back some of it in the freshly cleaned space. For that matter, vacuum cleaners must feature a good filtration mechanism so that the trapped dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens can’t pollute the surrounding air again.

All three Shark Upright models we are reviewing here feature the patented Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology that guarantees the entrapment of 99% of airborne dust, dirt, and pollen particles. Moreover, this anti-allergen seal is further reinforced by the installation of HEPA filters. These filters feature a state-of-the-art filtration mechanism that is able to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns.


Very few upright vacuums feature both Complete Seal and HEPA filtration systems. Shark NV682, NV683, and NV752 are one of those limited models of upright vacuums in this price point that has both of these filtration features.

5. Pet-Related Cleaning Capability

Homes with pets are in more frequent need of vacuum cleaning. The pet dander infests carpets and upholstery that doesn’t just permeate a strange smell in the house, but it also aggravates the symptom of people suffering from respiratory issues. Shark has taken care of this important aspect in the making of its NV Upright Series.

All the three NV models under-discussion comes with brushes particularly designed to deal with invisible pet dander.  Shark NV682 and NV683 feature the same Pet Power Brush. However, Shark NV752 performs better for pet-related cleaning. It is equipped with a motorized TruePet Mini Brush. The motorized action of NV752’s brush offers better cleaning results against pet hair and dander.


If pet dander residuals are a recurring snag in your home cleaning routine, then you should pick Shark NV752 Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Shark NV682 vs. NV683 vs. NV752 Verdict

As you can see, these SharkNinja Upright Vacuum Cleaners are not immensely different from each other. All three of them offer multiple floor-cleaning. Similarly, you can use them on non-floor surfaces with equal ease. Their weights, designs, and prices are also not that dissimilar. In short, you can pick any of them for your everyday vacuuming needs.

However, there are a couple of instances where one of them does better than the rest of the two. For instance, Shark NV683 comes with a car detail kit. If you want to use the vacuum to clean the interior of your vehicle too, then Shark NV683 is definitely slightly better than NV682 and NV752.

Similarly, homeowners with pets in homes should opt for Shark NV752 because it comes with a motorized brush to deal with pet hair and dander. Also, it has a slightly lower price than Shark NV682 and Shark NV683.

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