De Gaspé House resides in the heart of the Villeray district, Montreal a home redefined by la SHED Architecture  through major renovations, a building that lost its authenticity and character through previous renovations that altered its core. An old duplex space with several annexes and one garage has now been transformed into a single family home for a family of four, two adults and two children. A contemporary facade emphasizes the pedestrian`s view seamlessly integrating in the surroundings.

Indoors the home greets the individual with a compact block of service areas such as closets, bathroom and storage the space near the entrance; this transitional element creates intimacy between the living and vestibule. In the kitchen, the individual enjoys obstructed views over the living areas, no boundaries crowd the space, light flows throughout.

A two-story living room offers the comfort of high ceilings thus bringing into the living space even more light. Two pieces of wood frame this living space, beautiful shaping perception for the occupants, creating limits for the living room through a wooden texture; one side is represented by an elegant bookshelf that extends vertically towards the second floor shielding the space underneath the stairs. An iron structure articulates the skeleton of the wooden bookshelf leaving a constant gap, a rhythm that paired with the orange background offers depth and great contrast.

At the back, the original volume lives on now having a portion removed out of its first floor to create a patio thus increasing transparency and communication between volumes in the backyard. A new garden now invites the inhabitants outdoors and offers new opportunities for light.

Galvanized corrugated steel coating has been used on the first floor to create a light chromatic transition upwards whilst maintaining a delicate contrast between black elements and wooden textures. A black fence also sustains this chromatic contrast with a dense presence that reflects the family`s need for privacy.

What do you think about this establishment ? Compare it with the before picture above and see the immense change; we love how the artist preserved the shape and intention of an architecture resulted through patchwork and reinstated in contemporaneity with a modern functional design. De Gaspé House has now been served with a proper renovation, do you agree?


Anton Giuroiu