Slight Slope Long House  in Targoviste, Bulgaria is a modern home envisioned by I/O Architects  as a massive horizontal block sinking into the ground. At a closer look you may notice that the slope of the terrain plays tricks on your perception of the volume. The slight dynamic of the architectural composition gives elegance to the volume.

“The long structure is facing the favorable sun orientation and the view in slight opposition of the slope. This way entering diagonally into the house the height of the spaces changes in relation to their grade of privacy. In the opposite direction and apart from the main progression are the guest rooms over the compressed space of the entrance and the garage.”

The layout features expansive spaces designed in a sequence with extended glazed walls towards the garden. “The internal structure corresponds to the complementary space of the stairs-like veranda facing the park as well as to the terraced yards behind the house.The monolith appearance of the stone clad açades and the over sized architectural elements, from one side and the perspective corrections of the front elevation from the other, modulate in an ambiguous way the scale of the large structure”.

What do you think of this sunken beauty?

Photos courtesy of I/O Architects


Codreanu Andreea