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Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas-Hilgard Garden by Mary Barensfeld Architecture

the ultimate refuge Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Hilgard-Garden-by-Mary-Barensfeld-Architecture

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“Landscaping is both science and art, and requires good observation and design skills. A good landscaper understands the elements of nature and construction and blends them accordingly.”

by Wikipedia

The small backyard landscaping design ahead is wrapped around a very small backyard in Berkeley, California. It has been envisioned by Mary Barensfeld Architecture and it`s extraordinary because there is little to no flat space and as a result the vast majority of space has been offered to green lush vegetation. This small outdoor living and entertaining area can be also accessed trough a seating spot on the top of the site. The green refuge is also eco-friendly, an extraordinary example for designers and owners a like.

superb Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Hilgard-Garden-by-Mary-Barensfeld-Architecture

The architects are further relating:

“The garden traverses a steeply sloping site to provide access to an upper level patio with views of Sutro Tower and San Francisco. To avoid swallowing large swathes of the backyard square footage with a conventional stair, angular, board-form concrete walls with occasional steel armor slice their way up the hill while providing terraced planting areas. Visible and accessible to the existing townhouse living room, the lower level white granite patio unfurls its reflecting pool to greet visitors. Water-jet cut, patterned weathering steel screens serve as both bamboo planters and screening between the neighboring townhouses’ rear yards.”

luxurious Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Hilgard-Garden-by-Mary-Barensfeld-Architecture

detail shot Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Hilgard-Garden-by-Mary-Barensfeld-Architecture


small detail with beautiful pond Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Hilgard-Garden-by-Mary-Barensfeld-Architecture

superb steps in Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Hilgard-Garden-by-Mary-Barensfeld-Architecture

preliminary sketch Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Hilgard-Garden-by-Mary-Barensfeld-Architecture

concept sketch Backyard-Landscaping-Ideas-Hilgard-Garden-by-Mary-Barensfeld-Architecture

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