Nestled in the forest, nearby water in a very peaceful setting in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada, the holiday retreat that follows has been built on a cliff edge, a small home cantilevered towards expansive views. It has been designed by Christopher Simmonds, the architecture practice lead by the artist further describes the home:

“is gently embedded in the Canadian Shield and the sleeping quarters are firmly set in the rock while the cantilevered family rooms slowly emerge from this stone base. The modest entry visible from the road leads to a calculated, yet tranquil path entering from the forest-side of the house”

Spacious well-balanced interiors open up inside towards extraordinary perspectives towards the lake and woodlands.

The contemporary design expression can be described as a minimalist balance that uses natural materials to create a cozy ambiance:

“white oak boards wrap from wall to floor enhancing the elongated shape of the house and slabs of silver maple create the bathroom vanity. On the exterior, the cladding is composed of an open-joint eastern white cedar, while the stairwell is encased in steel; both are left unfinished to age with the elements. The expanse of windows engages the ephemeral foliage from the treetops to the forest floor.”

Stark white has been used to create an airy, breathing ambiance beautifully complemented by wood.

Elegance in proportions, balance in chromatic.

Wooden materials sustain a cozy and warm setting that dominates the neutral color palette.

The small cantilevered home enjoys extraordinary views, a holiday retreat that many would consider dream home. How do you see it? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

Photos Courtesy to Doublespace Photography

Anton Giuroiu