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25- Small Space Designs Tips Meant to Help You Enlarge Your Small Interior Design

25 Small Space Design Tips Pack Meant to Help You Enlarge Your Small Interior Design homesthetics studio 13

Small spaces are a real challenge to design and feel comfortable with but in the same manner they are far more cozier and warm then regular spaces. Reason for which we are presenting some tips that may help with the design of a small space:

1. Use small pieces in the apartment, use furniture at the same scale with the apartment, everything will look fit and into place, not overwhelming the space but enhancing it , making it airy and natural despite the size.

2. Keep the small apartment clean, this is by far one of the most important aspects. Being composed out of small spaces should make it easier to clean and be kept clean.

3. Do not clutter objects! Have a place for absolutely every item and make sure that those items are utterly important or meaningful for your design, get rid of junk and scrap items, we all have them..

4. In a small space storage never seems to be an option even if we are talking about clothing, books, electronic media or even work areas, as a result, an option would be modular furniture system that can be adapted to your punctual needs. Built-ins can be configured in a big manner, you may have a wall to wall and floor to ceiling piece of furniture from which everything can pop up when needed, this piece keeping the same clean aspect.

5. Use items with dual purpose! Multiple uses can be found in pretty much everything, an ottoman is cozy and warm, but if it includes a hidden storage is ten times better.

6. The pieces of furniture floating above the ground are enhancing the feel of space, seeing the floor is a Japanese interior design technique that works, the more floor you`ll see the bigger the room will seem, less cluttered. Japanese interior designers are also stating that the space underneath of floating furniture will allow energy to move in the home, not stagnating bad energy in a spot.

7. Use vertical space! Use up to the ceiling if it`s possible and if it helps, shelves and storage with narrow footprint extruded to the ceiling are a very viable option for small spaces, saving a lot of space.

8. Position your items in the home where they should be positioned for maximum efficiency, for example if you read your email on the sofa, where you also read magazines or make the math for the bills, consider having a hidden trash bin in the area to keep things clean and uncluttered. It will also help not mixing things up or not leaving them in another corner in the apartment and forget about them.

9. Buy textiles and furniture that will make you feel at home, small spaces are cozy  by default but a fuzzy rug or a special sofa can enhance it, personalize your space, make it as cozy and warm as possible.

10. Spend money properly, buy taller bookcases for example and group your hobbies into the same places, for example, mail along with books and iPod can be all in the same place because you always use them grouped.

11. Use glass! Indeed glass is a cold material but if used wisely and with the proper measure it can really change the dynamic of a space, a glass coffee table can make the space seem larger, a glass front bookcase can make the space seem less cluttered.

12. Draw a floor plan from the very beginning in order to make sure that everything that you plan to buy will fit in. You need to make sure that if you have to make some sacrifice you will do the right one. Just because you are buying the sofa first might determine you to loose the Eames Chair Lounge Chair that you`ve wanted so much, would you be able to accept this fact? It will also save you a lot of time of course.

13. Create focal points within the apartment and organize the small space considering that view focal point. You might want to hide the back of the TV in such interior perspectives as well as the mechanism of a hidden drawer or cables emerging from the back of the furniture, there are lots of details that would ruin the perception of a small neat space despite the first glance.

14. Do not be afraid to use colors! Indeed stark white enlarges the room, but a dark brown glossy paint can reflect light as well, a light beige can be a cozier option as well. Think about what you love, for example I love a less illuminated environment that makes me sleepy all the time, it`s far cozier and warmer then a hospital-like white interior design. If you decide on using an all white design, consider colorful accents around the apartment .

15. Do not furnish all the space from the very beginning, start only with what you feel mandatory and add along the way if you feel the need. In this manner you will realize exactly what you actually need.

16. Arrange the objects and space to meet your requirements in the natural way of using them, spend more money in the areas in which you are spending most of your time, this includes the exterior spaces as well, if you are not used to eat at home do not invest into expensive kitchen hardware. If you always on the sofa for example, invest in a comfortable side table that would aid you into your endeavors.

17. Edit your layout as rough as you can, use your critical eye as much as possible, if you are not in love with absolutely every item in the apartment, you are doing it wrong. Everything that seems “ehm” must be gone! Don`t store anything that you do not need.

18. Get a storage bed and get rid of the dresser, will save you a lot of space!

19. Make everything seem natural, use similar tones, furniture should blend into the floor and/or walls as much as possible or at least seem from the same pack. Transparency is always a viable option in small spaces.

20. Big pieces of wall art are really changing the perception and they do come in handy in small spaces, in the same graph, using mirrors helps.

21. If you are not starting with a blank canvas and the existing space has old furniture consider a trade deal of yourself, every new piece bought kills an old one, do no rely on the future, make things happen!

22. Design for yourself! This means that you should buy everything having your daily routine in mind, buying a huge sofa just because you`ll have guests some day is wrong, the TV couch, desk chair, dinning chairs and a small tool will be enough to seat a couple of friends. Plus, considering that you have respected the advises above, a fuzzy cozy and warm carpet would invite your friends to just sit on the floor around the coffee table, a natural beautiful thing that really connects people, a people sitting on the fuzzy rug is by default 10 times more familiar.

23. Cleaning furniture with wax can do wonders .

24. An expandable dining table can do miracles in times of need.

25. A huge mirror on one wall can double the wall length in the mirror and make the space seem 2 times bigger and brighter. It also ads a mysterious vibe to the small space.

Enjoy the picture bellow and please leave your opinion in the comment section, we would love to hear your opinion.

small bedroom ideas Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

simple attic space Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

purple bedroom design Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

simple Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

bedroom interior design Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

black and white living room interior design Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio


cluttered Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio


simple living room interior design Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

small tidy Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

simple white bedroom design Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

white red and grey small living room design Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

white simple grey Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

simple warm and cozy space Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio


white simple bathroom Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

simple white grey Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

simple white attic space Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

orange Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

small bedroom design Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

dinning area Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

small bedroom interior design Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

neat white Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

simple white/grey living room design Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

small yellow neat bar Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

multipurpose furniture in the child room Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

simple dinning area in white stark Small-Space-Design-Tips-Pack-Meant-to-Help-You-Enlarge-Your-Small-Interior-Design-homesthetics-studio

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