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What Is A Studio Apartment – Ideas And Inspiration

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Statistics have recently shown that the globe’s population growth rate has begun to slow down after a period of hectic development. “The UN calculates that there are more than 7 billion living humans on Earth, yet 200 years ago we numbered less than 1 billion.Recent estimates suggest that 6.5 percent of all people ever born are alive right now.This is the most conspicuous fact about world population growth: for thousands of years, population grew only slowly, but in recent centuries it has jumped dramatically. Between 1900 and 2000 the increase in world population was three times greater than the entire previous history of humanity– an increase from 1.5 to 6.1 billion in just 100 years. A long historical period of accelerated growth has thus come to an end; the annual world population growth rate peaked in 1962, at around 2.1%, and has come down to almost half since.“(source)

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Urbanization and its increasing population has lead to an overall instability on the housing issue, large rural areas have been left deserted as the young population migrates towards the megalopolises developing in Asia and America in their constant struggle for a better life. China alone has had a one child per family policy in the attempt of decreasing the alarming growth rate of the population. With such a crisis on hand, rents went up for the tiniest of places and the real estate market had a lot to gain.



What Is A Studio Apartment?

In the context mentioned above has the term “studio apartment” appeared, an efficient type of apartment, small yet quite practical, usually dedicated to single individuals or small families willing to compromise in lifestyle. Usually with a small price tag when it comes to rental, the studio apartment is composed out of a single room and a bathroom. The challenge in living in such a layout comes in the difficulty of fitting a living area, a kitchen and a bedroom in one room. If a working space in also required, things get even more trickier.

Whether you are a student looking for a cheap place to live near the university, a single who spends most of his day in an office and uses the studio for sleeping alone or a retired alone individual who does not require much space, the studio apartment is a wonderful cheap option you should keep in mind while considering your alternatives.

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In the US studio apartments usually fit in between 500 and 600 square feet in size and can go down to 300 square feet. in China, cubicle apartments have become a trend in the tendency of offering an answer to the high housing demand.  “A single square foot of Hong Kong real estate costs nearly $1,300, on average. Compared to New York, Hong Kong’s rents are 35% percent higher.” With such high rates, studios of 40 square feet have appeared for those who cannot afford the high rates.At the opposite pole lie the luxury studio apartments who can accommodate even thousands of square feet and whilst they do have one large room and can fit the definition of a a studio apartment, they are usually considered lofts, situated at the upper levels of apartment buildings.

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Layout and Design

As the definition claims, the studio apartment has one room to host all the functionalities of a regular living space: a bedroom, a living room to entertain guests, a kitchen to prepare and serve meals and eventually an office space. In order for all those functions to work properly together people usually make use of dividers to create the feeling of intimacy, especially for the bedroom part. These dividers come in many forms and shapes, from the classical usage of the actual furniture such as a couch or a bookcase to real partitions with doors for a more drastic separation. Unfortunately, this last situation can be accommodated only in special situations where the space is a tad larger and can allow such partitions to be installed without overcrowding and suffocating the space.

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Another viable and common alternative is the usage of semi opaque partitions that can be moved and placed wherever and whenever necessary. Made from materials such as rice paper and inspired from the Asian culture, the paravans provide a wonderful separation without clogging space. When the privacy issue is resolved another matter comes to mind when it comes to a studio apartment: the problem of storage space.

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How can one accommodate so many necessary items in one tiny space? The first option involves reducing your belongings and living a simpler cleaner life. Whether you choose this option or not, storage remains a problem to tackle in a small space. A built in closet can solve the practical aspect whilst preserving the clean airy aesthetics. You could use furniture dividers to store in beautiful boxes your belongings in plain sight or learn how to create under the bed sliding storage space.

What Is A Studio Apartment - Ideas And Inspiration-homesthetics.net


One thing every new studio apartment owner needs to understand and acknowledge is that living in a studio apartment comes with its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand there is the problem of small space and the difficulty of arranging all your necessary items without transforming the space into a storage unit, on the other hand such a small space can be transformed into a cozy, comfortable oasis, attuned to your personality and taste.Ingenious storage ideas might come up, make the space as functional and comfortable as possible and you will definitely come to love your studio apartment in time.



Feel free to share your questions and take on what is a studio apartment in the comment section below.

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