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The Barn – A Truely Modest Architectural Masterpiece

The Barn A Truely Modest Architectural Masterpiece

If you’re not familiar with daughter-father architect duo Andrea and Lindsay Moore, you’re in for a treat today!

And if you are an ardent fan like us, you’ve probably heard of Ross Farm, their boutique accommodation in South Gippsland. After all, it is hailed as one of the most original and inspiring accommodations in Australia.

The property features three individual buildings – the Cabin, the Dairy, and the Barn. You may book any one of these or the entire property, based on the number of guests. Of these, the Cabin is the smallest with one bedroom, while the Dairy is the biggest with three bedrooms.

But we’re going to focus on the Barn today, which has two bedrooms and can accommodate up to four guests. Although all three structures share the same design language, the Barn stands out with its use of granite, pitched ceilings, and an impressive floor-to-ceiling rear facade made of glass.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the Barn.


A Detailed Look At The Barn

The first thing to know about Ross Farm is that it was initially a dairy farm with three dilapidated buildings. Lindsay Moore purchased the abandoned dairy farm in 2005 to build a new home on the one-hectare property. But that plan changed when he saw that the area started attracting more visitors and tourists.


He teamed up with his daughter, Andrea, an experienced interior architect who runs Studio Moore. Together, this creative duo managed to bring new life to the property.



The kitchen is an essential area of any accommodation. And that’s why the Moore duo left no stone unturned to ensure that the Barn’s kitchen is every bit as unique as it is awe-inspiring.

With a generous offering of brass sheeting and granite paving stones, it looks rather monolithic. In fact, it seems like the entire kitchen is hanging off the wall.


The marble and granite accents add an elegant touch that is hard to replicate. And all the appliances are very cleverly integrated with the brass panels.

Andrea explained, “I wanted to introduce granite as one of the main interior materials inspired by the natural landscape of our beautiful Wilson’s Promontory National Park, which is just down the road, known for its giant granite boulders.”


We especially liked the thoughtful inclusion of the Integrated Single Dish Drawer from Fisher & Paykel. It forms part of the furniture in the most amazing way possible.


But that’s not the only appliance that deserves an honorable mention. Sitting atop the pink granite marble is the Fisher & Paykel Induction Cooktop, which makes quite a bold statement with its minimalist design and black finish.


Another appliance that fits in neatly with all the furniture is the built-in oven, again from the reputed brand of Fisher & Paykel.

Living Room


There isn’t a dedicated living room separated by walls in the Barn, and that makes a lot of sense given the overall look and feel of the property. What makes it interesting is the double-story height, which makes the entire area look much more spacious.


What makes it even better is that nearly all the furniture used in the house was custom-built. So, the attention to detail is as evident as it can be.


You will find that the entire house is lined with Oriented Strand Board (OSB), which enhances the volume and form of the double-story height significantly.


The spiral staircase that connects the two levels also doubles up as an eye-catching centerpiece on the lower level.



The upstairs bedroom has many beautiful details that you’ll notice and instantly appreciate. And the theme from the lower level continues with the OCB boards and minimalist layout.




The sink in the upstairs bathroom is truly one of a kind, with its uniquely high, circular design. Moreover, it is perfectly complemented by the circular mirror above it.


The bathtub, too, is entirely in line with the overall design theme.


Andrea said, “I was determined to make the bathroom beautiful, as many accessible bathrooms are extremely utilitarian.” It’s evident that she managed to do an excellent job!


She added, “We had brass grab rails manufactured for the space, and I exaggerated the use of these throughout the bathroom, together with floor-to-ceiling pink granite.”

Summing It Up


The Barn in all its glory is truly a masterpiece. Architecture and interior design aficionados will surely be inspired by it. But it doesn’t just appeal to them; any visitor who stays there is likely to go back with many beautiful memories.

Compared to the two other accommodations at Ross Farm, the Barn is a bit different. The Moore duo had to rebuild the building instead of merely refurbishing it. But they retained the exterior tin. Also, while rebuilding the roof level was lifted to add the mezzanine.

One striking aspect of the accommodation is its highlighting windows that let you view the Tarwin Valley and capture the warm northern light.

Overall, it is safe to say that architectural pieces like the Barn are rare gems. Kudos to Andrea and Lindsay Moore for building and designing it so beautifully!

Till next time!

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