Friday, September 30th, 2022

The Corocotta Table by Jason Phillips Design: Experimental Furniture

The Corocotta Table by Jason Phillips Design side view

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We have already got used to all the unusual concepts the latest designers come up with nowadays. Although you might say nothing can surprise you anymore, you have to appreciate the simple but beautiful ones that transcend the concept phase and are turned into a beautiful piece of art.

Conceived by Jason Phillips Design the Corocotta Table resembles an origami piece.It is composed out of wood cube cuts that are being held together by a steel armature hidden from your eyes, making it seem like a defying gravity form.The shape is covered by a glass top so you can use it as a coffee table.

Description from Jason Phillips:

“According to several historians, Corocotta was a Cantabrian warrior leader during the 1st century BC. His great achievement was the union of the disperse Cantabri clans in an alliance against the invading Roman armies, to the great exasperation of the powerful empire.

He fought against Rome from the years 29 BC to 19 BC. The Roman historian Dio Cassius relates the story of this robber who caused numerous difficulties for the Roman Army. Such was his fame that during the campaign of Emperor Augustus in Cantabria from 26-25 BC, a price of 200,000 sestercii was put on his head. To the emperor’s astonishment, none other than Corocotta himself walked into the Roman camp, presenting himself and demanding the reward. In a gesture to Corocotta’s bravery, the Augustus let him go after granting him the money.” The Corocotta Table by Jason Phillips Design experimental furniture The Corocotta Table by Jason Phillips Design

Elli Winter

Elli Winter

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