17 Glass Floor Ideas For High End Ultra Modern Homes

poiana brasov romania Glass-Floor-Ideas-For-High-End-Ultra-Modern-Homes

Walking on glass frightens most of us and until recently we were unable to safely experience this sentiment. Today with the development of new technology we can use glass floors in high end ultra modern homes.If we are interested in such extravagant and exotic features it is important to know something about them before purchasing.


First things first, where you`re positioned in the world? Think about the seismic risk. In areas with high risk it might not worth the deal. Today`s glass floors are definitely safe for home use but think about the positioning, in a highly circulated area or in a critical point for evacuation it might tangle too much.

You definitely have to consider the costs. There is a initial cost, a cost for maintenance and a cost for replacement. These have to be covered without a doubt and sadly,  there are not too affordable at the moment. In the future such exotic features will be easier to obtain but till then most of us will have to stay put thanks to rational economical factors.

A thing that is often overlooked is the psychological factor. You have to know that these kind of floors are not adequate for all individuals, there will be people that will not dare to set foot on such a floor. In this scenario an alternative route to the desired objective must exist.

A glass floor will definitely change the perception of your guest on you. It`s a high end, bold and expensive move that reflects the personality of the owner instantly. No ordinary individual would ask the architect for such a feature;these are highly sophisticated and denote a certain level of luxury, style and elegance.

Glass floors are trespassing the residential borders of architecture more and more often these days. You can find them in high end cantilevered swimming pools, infinity swimming pools, old converted building into high end new centers and so on.

high end 17 Glass Floor Ideas For High End Ultra Modern Homes homesthetics (8)

monumental 17 Glass Floor Ideas For High End Ultra Modern Homes homesthetics (8)

illuminated Glass-Floor-Ideas-For-High-End-Ultra-Modern-Homes

rock and glass floor



bedroom design featuring Glass-Floor-Ideas-For-High-End-Ultra-Modern-Homes

high end design in the Glass-Floor-Ideas-For-High-End-Ultra-Modern-Homes


cool small lobby area Glass-Floor-Ideas-For-High-End-Ultra-Modern-Homes

cool bathrooms with Glass-Floor-Ideas-For-High-End-Ultra-Modern-Homes

poiana brasov romania Glass-Floor-Ideas-For-High-End-Ultra-Modern-Homes

simple 17 Glass Floor Ideas For High End Ultra Modern Homes homesthetics (8)

apartment in brasov romania with 17 Glass Floor Ideas For High End Ultra Modern Homes homesthetics (8)

corner 17 Glass Floor Ideas For High End Ultra Modern Homes homesthetics (8)


What do you think about these 17 Glass Floor Ideas For High End Ultra Modern Homes? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section bellow.

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