Traditional Danish Elements Nestled in Rustic Village House

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Village House located in northern Sjælland, in Denmark, “A cluster of five wings” as the architects describes it represents a wonderful example of building with the environment and subduing architecture to the natural. The winged shape of the building allows the interior spaces to be oriented towards various points of the site, offering different perspectives, different lighting experiences and visual connections.

“These fan out like a hand spreading five fingers over the site, generating a variety of views, light effects and outdoor areas. The variation means the house provides an enjoyable environment all year round and at all times of day. For example, a large window above the living room allows sunlight to bathe the dining table at around midday.”

The bold black wooden facade comes to contrast the pure, sterile, white interiors which were designed in a simple, familiar way, inviting to coziness and comfort.


The powerful black timbered facade is disrupted by differently shapes and sized minimal white window frames.


A wooden deck has been added to the home as its own extension, following the different angles of the house.



Light airy white and wooden tones have been used in the interior decor as a personal statement of comfort and coziness sought and admired by the danish people.


The shape of the architectural piece offers angles, corners able to divide an ample space and offer privacy whilst not disrupting the fluidity of the space.



Natural light has been introduced inside through ample cuts in the volume, offering a pleasant, light atmosphere.



In a site with wonderful natural vegetation, the home shifts and twists to capture and invite in the beauty of the natural.




Photo Courtesy Åke E. Son Lindman

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