What Types of Wood Are Suitable Flooring Solutions?

What Types of Wood Are Suitable Flooring Solutions

The kind of floor that you choose for your home can have a significant impact, not only on the overall aesthetic appeal of your interiors but also on the comfort of the people living in your household. In terms of the former, it can make your space appear larger or more intimate, while in terms of the former, it can make your rooms warmer or cooler.

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There are two common types of wooden flooring solutions namely an engineered wood and a hardwood.

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Engineered Flooring Solution

Before delving into hardwood, you may want to give an engineered flooring solution a closer look. An engineered wood flooring emulates a real and solid wood like timber but it costs significantly less. You can find engineered flooring for your home through an Online Flooring Store that features a wide range of wood types, patterns, and board widths. These stores can also provide you with a good insight into the latest design styles, as well as do-it-yourself advice when it comes to engineered floors.

More often than not, engineered wood floors can be placed directly above a concrete subfloor. Perhaps the only drawback is that engineered wood is not resistant to scratches and dent, much like a real solid wood is. While it is durable, hardwood can still last longer. In this case, if you opt for wooden flooring, then consider the types of wood listed below since these are the most suitable flooring solutions.

Hardwood Flooring Solutions

Hardwood can be unfinished or finished. If you intend to match the color of existing flooring, opting for an unfinished hardwood is your best bet. On the other hand, if you intend to walk on your floors immediately after installation, without the need for sanding and sealing, then you should go for a finished hardwood. Regardless of the finish of your solid wood floor, expect that it can instantly give your home a warm, cozy, and natural charm.


Cherry is known as the most popular wood species used for hardwood flooring, perhaps because of the subtle hint of red and pink hues. Compared to other wood species variants, cherry is relatively soft and it can also show signs of wear and fading when exposed in direct sunlight for several years. If you want to have a cherry hardwood floor, make sure to prepare a hefty sum for it because this type is also one of the most expensive wood types.

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Another popular wood species that is most commonly used for hardwood is oak, particularly for homes with a traditional style. It comes in two varieties namely the red and white oak. Both types have the capability to withstand heavy impacts but they are still prone to scraping.

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The grain pattern of this wood species is what sets this apart from the other types. It is also durable, being heavily resistant to scratch, scruff, or even heavy impacts. It is also relatively easy to maintain, which is why it is the perfect option for households with children or pets. The best part is that this is one of the most inexpensive wood types.

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Hickory is renowned for its durability and minimal wear and tear even if it has been installed for decades. Apart from this trait, it also features dramatic grain patterns which is why it is perfect for log cabins or homes that emulate a rustic theme. However, because of its extreme hardness, it can also be difficult to cut and install.

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Walnut is available in numerous varieties but it is generally characterized by a rich brown color that is accentuated by soft purple hues. It may suit your living room perfectly, but not your dining room where chairs slide frequently because it is relatively soft compared to the other wood species. Nevertheless, it is not prone to fading even if it is hit by direct sunlight over a period of time. It is also lightweight, such that it can be installed in upper stories without any issues.

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Alder wood belongs to the Birch tree family which is considered as one of the softest hardwoods, but a great alternative to the cherry or maple wood species. It has a fine and uniform texture with grain patterns that is rather straight. The reddish-brown color of this wood is perfect for staining with a deeper color choice.

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Beech trees typically have a pale cream color that slightly resembles pink or brown tones. Like the alder wood species, it also has a straight grain but its density makes it quite difficult to stain. Several types of beech are suitable for hardwood floorings such as the European and American beech, as well as the copper and tricolor beech. There is also the weeping and fern-leaf beech that is likewise perfect for hardwood flooring purposes.

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Ebony, a deep black wood, is one of the hardest wooden flooring materials. You can make a statement with your floor using this wood species because some types of ebony even have veins of deep red color running through its grains. However, it is extremely costly because it is now considered a rare commodity.

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Pinewood is one of the traditional wood species used in making hardwood flooring because of its rich color, particularly when stained. Unlike other wood types, pine seems to have a better appearance as it ages. There is the option for you to go for red or white pine and your floor will come out equally stunning. However, it can easily be dented and scratched because of its relative softness. 


If you want a wooden floor, then you may be overwhelmed with the options available for you to choose from. Rest assured that those listed above are some of the most suitable choices that you can consider. There is still the option for you to go for ash wood, douglas fir, teak, or birch, as well as mahogany. For sure, the one that you go for will certainly look good with any piece of furniture or decor you adorn in your interiors and this is the beauty of having wooden floors.


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