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Types and Useful Tips for Landscape Low Voltage Lighting

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Landscape low voltage lighting is a modern solution which helps to lay the emphasis on the most peculiar areas of your landscape such as unique architectural ideas, precious shrubs and trees species, etc. Low voltage lighting is cheaper in installation and safer in exploitation. Such lighting can easily create moon light effect in your garden or pleasant after-sunset atmosphere around the house.

I know that many lucky owners of private houses are globally changing their landscape lighting from standard into low voltage one. I am not the exception. Just want to share some of my ideas and obtained experience in this sphere. Maybe this will be of some practical use for other readers.

My personal choice is Malibu low voltage lighting. You can look through their product line on the Westside Wholesale pages. Malibu is actually one of the industry leaders among low voltage lighting manufacturers. In this post I will propose some important pieces of information that concern landscape lighting in general and Malibu low voltage lighting in particular.

First of all, let’s find out what a low voltage lighting system is. This system is powered by an electric current coming directly from your house. It contains transformer (decreases current from 120 volts to safe 12 volts); lamp (determines light brightness, color beam width); lighting body (protects lamp and directs light beam); low voltage lighting fixer and wire.

For trees lighting you should fix light directly among the leaves on the very top of the tree. Use two 20W bulbs and direct their light in parallel without crossing. For garden lighting the lamps should be installed not closer than in 20 feet from each other. Or house-front lighting use bulbs with 12 degrees beam angle and direct them to the house corners and some architectural millworks. In order to highlight the fence surface texture fix lamps closely to the fence bottom. If you need to lay the emphasis on any element worth of attention there should be directed two or more lamps. Crossing light beams can soft sharp shadows.

Malibu low voltage lighting provides several types of its products. There are deck, wash, bullet, well, spot, pathway, underwater and directional lighting. Each of them has special purpose and requires additional studying.

Here are some useful tips for people who are going to buy Malibu low voltage lighting. Always try to buy such equipment in certified places like Westside Wholesale. Installation process is very easy and you are likely to cope on your own, but if you do not have 20 A circuit breaker for transformer wiring up, you are better to apply for qualified electric service. In order to determine the capacity of your transformer, add up the total wattage of all the lighting fixtures intended for installation and multiply by 1.25. Timers are the most reliable circuit breakers. Wireless remote controls are handy for the lighting operation and do not require additional assistance in installation.

These are only several ideas for Malibu low voltage lighting installation and usage. I am sure anyone who has already experienced all the advantages of such landscape lighting can add a lot of useful thoughts on this topic. It would be nice to share ideas on this issue.



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