Ultimate Desk for Architects-Work Desk Convertible to Bed


As we`ve previously stated on Homesthetics we are fascinated about small spaces, small apartments, small bedrooms, anything that is cozy and warmth by default, just by its shape and volume. Today`s answer for this on going problem has been delivered to us by  Athanasia Leivaditou, the designer of a multipurpose piece of furniture that serves as a desk by day and as a small comfy bed by night.

This problem is highly common in our design sphere, whether your a sculptor, an architect or a graphic designer, you know how useful this would be at your work space. Even though it`s a little depressing this is the ultimate desk for architects; you don`t have to see it from a sad perspective though, you don`t have to use it at night to sleep; you can just use it a couple of hours for a siesta or a few hours before deadline at the office or workshop.

Even though it`s sad,individual workaholics offices will soon replace they`re extendable sofa with similar multipurpose furniture; or so we hope as architects. What do you think about this particular desk? Do you think that a work desk can accommodate such features easily? Do you think it will improve small spaces or just tangle them?

We find it a little intriguing and we would love to hear your opinion regarding the subject in the comment section bellow.




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3 thoughts on “Ultimate Desk for Architects-Work Desk Convertible to Bed

  1. I would love to build this for myself. Are there plans or blueprints somewhere that I could get my hands on rather than start from scratch?

    1. Good day Peter, thank you for your shown interest. We`re afraid we`ve found no plans or instructions in our research. Naturally designer items rarely provide instructions as these can be picked up by the competition. If you do start the project though we would love to know how it turns out. Have a wonderful day!

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