Unusual Colorful Cabinets Forged Out of Metal Barrels

Unusual Colorful Cabinets Forged Out of Metal Barrels

In this consumerist days in which we currently live in recycling and upcycling are crucial. Every single one of us can contribute in the movement, every single one can help the environment in the cleaning process, it`s a remarkable method of design, one that gives you a clear starting point and in which your imagination and means are paying the biggest role. Further on we will find a few colorful unusual cabinets forged out of metal barrels, these have been envisioned by Lackengeloet, Germany. Every single barrel has been remodeled into a new shape, a new design.

They have been envisioned to fit in small places and accommodate different roles, their versatility positioning in kitchens, bathrooms and even offices. The author had to carefully section the barrel with a special cutter, strengthen the proposed door/s and install magnets for an elegant shut. Metal barrels are not the first items that have been transformed by Lackengeloet, they have a record of items realized out of recycled items such as vinyl records turned into bowls and many others.

The artwork can also be purchased at their online store for 369 euros but we highly invite you to take this post as inspiration and start your own DIY project !

Unusual Colorful Cabinets Forged Out of Metal BarrelsWe would love to hear your opinion on these cabinets forged out of metal barrels. They`re creative and you can be too!


Anton Giuroiu

Anton Giuroiu

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